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From Worry to Wonder

Jun 15, 2017 | Wonder | 0 comments

For those of you who haven’t yet read David R. Hawkins book, Power Vs. Force, I highly recommend it. Wayne Dyer wrote: “Perhaps the most important and significant book I’ve read in the past ten years.” Both of these pioneers in human development are now beyond this life yet their teachings continue to inspire millions to overcome the weakness of worry, anxiety, antagonism, scorn and disempowerment. The strength of tomorrow lies in our awareness today. The promise for our children lies in our hands.

When a train goes through a long tunnel it gets dark. There’s no despair in this moment of darkness, no disappointment, no fear. We sit still in a simple presence and trust that all is well and will be well because we trust the engineer, the train, and all that’s here taking us through. The same can be true when we go through our dark tunnels of life. They’re part of our journey and how we engage them determines how we live, love, learn and languish. The choices we make each day determine our joys and sorrows.

I’m sure we all know misery, blame, guilt, despair, grief, fear, worry, anger, scorn, indifference and all manner of these lower level energies. We also know the higher energy levels of courage, affirmation, trust, inspiration, acceptance, meaning, understanding, love, reverence, joy and peace. How often do you notice the influence of your outer experiences on your inner emotional well being? What’s your inner response when difficulties show up? How aware are you of the choices you’re making?

Over many decades of life, I’ve come to the awareness that we’re all responsible for how we are in the world. I’ve noticed how I’m my own worse enemy and my own best friend. I’ve noticed how easy it is to sabotage my best self and justify it unconsciously. Through self observation I also notice how I allow the outer world to direct my inner world which can take me into the depths of darkness. I now know that the love, joy, peace and prosperity we all seek lies beyond the darkness, and is ever present within.

The strange part of this is that in every one of my darkest hours I was, over time, taken through the tunnel back into the light. I learned over and over again that what happens outside us is interpreted by us. We can see it as danger, destruction, opportunity or liberation. As I reflect on my life’s many crossings, I see every contraction leading to another expansion. It appears as an ongoing birthing process through the many birth canals that Life draws us through. Rather than worry, there’s now a sense of wonder.

  • Be Still and reflect on the darkness that you’re experiencing in your life today. Allow its’ presence and see it leading you through the opening that is present. See the light beyond, embrace it. Let it be here like a new sunrise. Take it in. Feel it in your bones. Know this newness now, here, strengthening you, inspiring you, enlightening you.
  • Close your eyes and see the light in the darkness. Become aware of your worry and bring it into the light. Notice the tightness of this bud and its’ desire to blossom. Breathe Life into it and watch it begin to flower. Trust what you’re seeing. Relax and become Receptive to this flowering. Feel the newness birthing in you. Sense the wonder that’s here unfolding, everything to renew. Keep breathing until your smiling heart awakens you. Sense this liberating movement within and anchor it in presence.
  • As you move through your day sense the internal wonder, wisdom and lovingkindness that’s ever present. You might want to silently chant: wonder wisdom lovingkindness – wonder wisdom lovingkindness – wonder wisdom lovingkindness – wonder wisdom – – – 


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