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Forever Christmas

Dec 25, 2019 | Essence | 1 comment

Along with our ‘Christmas season’, there are many other seasons that touch our human lives. The primary one, in most capitalistic societies, is the frenetic season of consumerism with it’s non stop ‘buy, buy, buy’ mentality with ‘more’ being the operative directive. I suspect most of us fall for this superficial program for success and wonder why we’re so disconnected from the deep and profound unity that transcends it all. It’s a trap most all of us fall into and is redeemed only by the wonder and conspiracy of Love.

What is this conspiracy of Love? What are the blessings of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice, New Years and other seasonal celebrations at this time that touch our lives in significant ways? Is it possible that they all touch something that’s common to each of us without our awareness? Could it be that they all speak to the wonder of birth, life, death and new life; to the darkness and light, fear and love, suffering and celebration that all of us experience on our journey through this passage of life? 

With awareness, the essence of these celebrations can create a  resonance with our common unity and internal yearning for wholeness. When we awaken, even for a moment, these desires for wholeness present themselves. Mostly however, they’re blanketed by external conditioning and extreme focus on the surface of things. This false focus results in not seeing through the forms into the substance of what is true and alive. Through stilling, depth perception and love we can wake up, see through the falseness of ‘more’ and eventually discover the wonder in the depths of all Being.

As you cross the thresholds of darkness and light, loss and gain, birth and life, death and new life; awaken to the presence beyond the presents. Awaken to the quiet beyond the noise, the substance beyond the forms, the gifts beyond the glitz, the love beyond the fear. Awaken to the possibilities and potentialities that appear in the quiet moments, in the smiles and the frowns, in the heart of what matters. Awaken and experience the wisdom of the moments, the birthing of new perspectives.

Awaken to the possibility of living in a ‘Forever Christmas’ that soothes your soul, transforms your mind and sees through the illusion of separation into the heart of Wholeness. Trust that you are more than enough and have been created to sing creation’s own special melody. Surrender to the unconditional Love that permeates the cosmos. Discover the wonder of freedom,  forgiveness, acceptance and understanding found in the Christ Mass, the Mission of a Loving Companion Presence for All. 

  • In the next Twelve Days of Christmas, light a candle everyday. Stay with it for a few moments and ponder a ‘Forever Christmas’ and what it  might mean for you to live in this practice beyond the twelve days. Go in, begin, go deep again and again. . . . 
  • After each lighting of the candle and contemplation/meditation/prayer; write something in your journal. Allow what shows up to appear on the page. Don’t force it, simply allow it and give thanks for what shows up in the moment. . . .
  • When you find yourself in a negative space, stop and envision your ‘Forever Christmas.’ Allow your heart, soul, mind and emotions to be touched. Smile and notice the transformation that takes place. Ponder making this a daily practice. . . .


1 Comment

  1. Nancy Leonard

    I needed this tonight. Thank you for bringing me back into the beauty of the moment… Each moment


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