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Flowing With the Currents of Creativity

Jul 10, 2017 | Creative Self | 0 comments

I don’t know how many of you want to find the secrets of the universe but I suspect a lot of you would like to discover the secrets of how to live a more empowered, inspiring, creative and prosperous life. Interestingly these are all connected and require us to think and act in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. As we explore the physical, mental, spiritual and emotion dimensions of life we discover that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our five senses and beyond are programmed to pick up these frequencies to promote our success in the physical and spiritual realms.

Envision a scene that fills you with joy right now. Feel the energy…. Now let go of this image and envision one that fills you with fear. Feel this energy… Notice the difference between these experiences: the rise of energy while in joy and the drop in energy while in fear. Repeat the exercise until you know the difference. One is calibrated on a scale of zero to a thousand at one hundred while the other is calibrated at five hundred forty. The difference is in frequency and vibration. It’s noticeable within you and those around you because we are all transmitters and receivers of invisible energy. 

The issue here is that we don’t give attention to the currents of energy flowing through us everyday. We wonder why we feel so tired when we’re stressed, not knowing that fear and anxiety are parasites of Life’s energies. They drain us without our awareness. We can counter these losses not with outside stimulants but with inner adjustments of  inspiration, understanding, appreciation, love and joy; innate abilities elevating us from lethargy to liberation. Blaming what’s out there only increases the downward spiral while attention to the currents of creativity spawn expanded awareness and new creations.

As we begin to flow with the currents of creativity we discover that everything we need to thrive is within us. We’re all born with the genius of creativity deeply planted in our DNA which is why we’re so dissociative when we’re not creating. We however are directed as children with this enormous creativity in uncreative ways until it’s gradually sublimated within us. We then become relatively passive creators rather than highly active ones. Imagine the possibilities and potentialities that are lost by this ‘dumbing down’. Imagine the gains if we channeled flowing magnificence rather than mediocrity.

How do you explore and participate in the glory of your genius? Where do you channel your creativity, your uniqueness, your imagination, your divine unfolding, your special gifts? How often do you stand in the company of dreamers who believe they can achieve the impossible and support each other to do so? Where do you get the currents of life that animate and help you become the Who that is Truly you? Take a reflective look back into your life and see when, why and how your creative self was discounted and derailed. Forgive, transcend, include and reclaim your creative genius.

In order to flow with Life’s currents of creativity we need to get current and remain current with ourselves. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way says: “We are talking about the act of checking in, honoring ourselves, our intentions, perceptions and intuitions. We’re talking about paying attention to what we love.” What we love is that which has deep meaning for ourselves and others. It’s the electricity, the life giving energy of the universe that flows in, around and through us as invisible streams of radiant life. Knowing and using these currents awakens, directs and uplifts the whole.

Throughout human history humanity has been mysteriously beckoned by the infinite call of the visible and invisible currents of the Great Creating. As we continue to move beyond the barriers we have created, our awareness of the many currents of creativity become more expanded and integrated. The more we know and participate with these currents the more we are able to co-create with them. Here we bow with reverence to what is unfolding. Here we flow with the ever present river of Life.

  • Awareness comes through our attention and focus in the moment. Allow yourself to be still whenever you feel yourself experiencing a drop in energy. Stop and feel the currents that are flowing in, around and through you. Put both hands over your heart and breathe into the heart center. Become aware of your connections with this flow.
  • Another way to experience your inner currents is to write. Put a pen in your hand and write at least thirteen answers as fast as you can to each of these two questions: When I allow myself to go with flow, I feel . . . When I allow myself to enjoy it, I am . . . When finished, relax and experience these currents of creativity flowing through you.
  • All young children know that creating is expansive and fun. Allow yourself to have some fun creating whatever enlivens you today. Expand your heart in some simple creative way. Whatever comes, engage it until you’re smiling heart has transformed your frowning face. Ahh, you’re now flowing with the creative currents of childlike grace. Breathe it in, again and again and again and again and again and again . . . . 


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