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She went to sleep last night with a heavy heart. Her grown son had left the house in anger over what she saw as a minor issue. She hadn’t heard from him in months even though she’d reached out many times via text and phone. When she woke up this morning she went about her normal routines and made her way to work. When greeted by a fellow worker she gave a half hearted smile and responded with “Fine.” She wasn’t. She was in emotional turmoil.

Do you know that  feelings are the barometers of your life? When you feel ‘bad’ you’re out of alignment with your inner Being, Source, the Who that is truly You. When you feel ‘good’ you’re in alignment with this Life energy that wants only the best for you. How often do you check your emotional barometer, your alignment meter, to see if you need to raise your vibrational level higher to feel more affirmation, hope, love, joy and peace?

I was raised in a conflicted home so I became ‘emotionally alienated.’ My mantra became “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” It worked well enough to get me out of the house after high school, into college and eventually out of the state. I became the one in the family who entertained everyone, made them feel better. I learned to hide, repress and deny my emotions because they were too painful to deal with and I didn’t know any better.

Most of us don’t feel our feelings all the way through. We’ve built up such a momentum of resistance that when they do come out, they can overwhelm and none of us want that experience. I remember being with a group of Christian/Buddhist leaders in retreat together to explore the convergence and divergence of the two traditions. We were in a ‘Fellows’ circle  dialoging the issues when it got contentious and antagonistic. I got sucked in emotionally.

I could feel anger starting to heat up within me as the angst escalated in this circle of so called spiritual leaders. As my righteous indignation continued to mount I could feel my barometer move from calm to very stormy. My muscles tensed, my breathing changed, and as I was about to blow my top I felt the gentle hand of a newfound monk friend on my leg. His touch completely diffused my emotion and realigned me with our ever present inner Being.

The inner vibration of my friend, aligned with Source energy, had felt my misalignment. His touch was all it took for my whole system to respond and align with the Well-Being of Oneness. The energy of the whole discussion shifted. He was in constant contact with his alignment and that of others. Without saying a word he changed my emotional channel. This example speaks to conscious alignment/ misalignment, to feeling your feelings as awakening Presence.

Everyone of us is made in the image of God, Source, Spirit, Essence, I AM. All are part of this new life in alignment and abundance. This Source is a Holographic Being that is greater than the sum of its parts and whose whole is in every part. This is the ultimate quantum entanglement and interconnectivity for Showing Up, Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Enlightening Up . . . It’s the way of remembering to remember who we really are.

Though we fear our emotions, feeling them and using them is the only clear and direct way to true freedom. The practice is: *Meditate on ways to feel more love and joy. *Breathe into the remembrance of who you truly are. *Focus on the beauty of the contrasts that awaken you to appreciation and expansion.*Allow a deep receptivity to feel your feelings. How r u feeling now?

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