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February’s Intention

Feb 19, 2020 | Creative Self | 0 comments

Even though we’re in the third week of February, it seems as if this month should be over by now. It could be that it’s the last month of Winter leading to Spring and I’m wanting to receive more light and less darkness, more creativity and less maintenance. It’s probably both and more as I come to realize that we’re all looking forward to what comes next in our quest for renewal. It’s so refreshing when the blossoms show up on the trees and we again can see the flowers budding in the breeze. The regeneration of life is always inspiring and longed for because it’s about renewal and new beginnings.

I’m recognizing that I’ve spent way too much time in the political dramas over these past months which has taken away vital energy rather than giving it. I’m also recognizing that being involved in quiet creative activities with myself and others is a way of using the months of Winter while preparing for the more vibrant months of Spring. It’s a circuit of energy where one leads to the other while engaging the overall intention of bringing Life to Life. When we realize that darkness and light are a sacred unity, we become part of the cycle of Life where “there’s everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” 

We’ve heard it said that ‘hope springs eternal‘ and that inspiration leads to intention  while pointing to pathways of awareness and new birth. The intention I’m discovering in the month of February is that of a willingness to consciously enter the darkness in its depths so I can connect with the Source of Life dwelling in the buried seeds, the hard cold realities of life and the naked now of the moment. As I walk on snow packed paths and frozen fields, I’m reminded of what is not seen that’s so essential to what is seen. I’m called to awaken to the mystery of birth, life, death and new life that’s always here.

I’ve heard it said that Gods’ abiding presence hides in the depths of all things. If this is true then February’s intention is to call our attention to the hidden depths of Life in the cold, snow, ice, frozen ground, barren fields and hearts that hide, repress and deny the goodness and wonder of creation within. In time, we will again see and experience the eternal flowering in all things, including ourselves. But why wait? Why not experience February’s intention by plumbing the depths of your ground of Being right  now? Why not recognize the flowering that’s waiting to be birthed in you today? 

Might it be possible, in these fleeting moments of February, to know that we and the whole of creation are dormant and coming to life at the same time? Can we listen to the wonder of creation as it speaks silently to us about wisdom and meaning? Can we  choose life in the midst of what appears to be death and willingly create new life with an intention to understand love, reverence and joy? Can we probe the depths and awaken to February’s intention by seeing through the inner coldness to discover the gradual inner warming that opens to New Life? I say Yes, Yes and Yes. How about you? ? ?

  • Look at February’s intention to awaken the hidden life waiting to be birthed in you. Sit patiently and deeply from here into the new birthing of Spring. Warm the divine seeds planted in your affirmations, trust, optimism, acceptance, forgiveness, understandings, love, joy and peace. Note your progress, your daily awareness and lack thereof. . . .
  • When taking your walks outdoors over the next weeks, notice the subtle changes in the light, darkness, warmth, cold, trees, grass, clouds and your inner and outer manifestations of dormancy and growth. Ponder what is invisible that will eventually become visible in Nature and in You. . . .
  • Remember to be grateful for the moments of awareness that show up when you least expect them. Stop, drop and rest in these moments. Awaken to the abiding Presence that’s hiding in the depths of all things, including yourself. Wonder at the Wisdom of this Presence that’s always here waiting for your discovery. Be still and grow. . . .



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