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February Favors

Feb 13, 2019 | Soul | 0 comments

What are the benefits, the favors, the values, the advantages and graces of February? It’s a strange list in which there’s lots to hope for and little to regret. Here’s a partial list, see what might be here for you:  Groundhog Day, a new moon, the Chinese New Year, Washington and Lincoln’s Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, a full moon, the shortest month, a bridge from Winter to Spring, more daylight, snow, rain, clouds, sun, clear skies, cold and warm days, calm, growth, change, rest, relaxation, reflection, creativity.

Does any of this resonate with you? Is there something here you hope for? Are there any regrets? Do you realize that whatever you want is right here in February and on its’ way through the very heart of this curious season of soul? Here you may agree with Emerson who wrote: ‘Every day is the best day in the year’ and because it’s February, that best day is already here filled with favors just for you. In the calm of this very day, maybe you could hope for something different, be inspired to make a new intention.  

As I sit here typing these words, I’m reminded of the darkness I was in yesterday that helped me enter into a whole new light today. I’m remembering shoveling snow this morning for an hour because the night and morning skies had dropped a blanket of whiteness adding much needed moisture to another growing season. I’m aware of the flowers that are waiting their turn to spring forth and create the wonder of Spring and the evergreen trees that are flocked with new snow that will melt into their roots.

What an amazing list of favors, of benefits this month brings. Can you conjure up some others? Can you bring forth something you hope for and forgive something you regret? Can you look into the mirror and imagine the wonder of where you’ve been, where you’re going and why you are here? Can you find favor with what you have held in disfavor, imagine a flower opening to the light, a child being born this very moment, love transforming your fright? February favors it all, every day and every night. . . .

Until recently February was a nondescript month for me. It was that strange period of time between the wonders of Winter and the wealth of Spring. Today however, in this season of soul, February’s become a special place of grace where new beginnings are possible and buried treasures are found. It’s a wonderful interlude where each day is filled with surprises and every person is a mystery to be discovered. Here I’m learning to taste the joys of anticipation while embracing the reverence of now. How about you?

Reflect today on where you are in this February moment. Explore the goodness, the kindness, the special privilege of being right where you are. Feel the support of the earth, the sky, the frozen and flowing rivers, the bare and rooting trees, the favors that come in February with an unexpected breeze. Awaken to the love and sweet surprises that show themselves in the shape of hearts, smiles, chocolate and flowers. Embrace the changes that appear every day and rest in the quiet hours. It’s February! It’s ours!

  • From time to time this month, look for February favors and explore what you hope for. Share your reflections with loved ones and shower them with love. . . .
  • Today, look in the mirror and see the reflection of this February day. Explore the goodness within you and make a plan to let it grow a little every day so it can spring forth when the time is ripe. . . .
  • If you have any regrets, let them go with the wind whenever they show. Allow yourself to receive the seasonal favors that germinate seeds and stimulate new growth.



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