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Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way series, believes the prosperous heart is farsighted. She also sees it as expansive, so expansive that “it expands to encompass God’s plans for us.” How you perceive ‘God’ and how caught up you are in your limited rational thought will inform you here. Is it possible that you are being invited beyond where you are? Can you willingly stretch out beyond what you think you know?

Have you settled for shortsighted goals? Do you have aims for a longer view? Have you consulted your inner being to experience the silent pulse of that which is gently drawing you on into a life brighter than you dare to hope for? Have you limited yourself and the divine workings within because of your fears and doubts? What do you suspect might happen if you actually surrendered to the Great Creating you are apart of?

Years ago I had the sense I was being drawn beyond where I had landed. Because of fear, doubt, debt, inner clutter, and the agendas of others I couldn’t let go. In not letting go, I couldn’t make room for what wanted to come and was already on its way. After years of struggle I could no longer ignore the call to move on. I finally let go. I’m now exploring the prosperous heart. I’m now waking up to the ‘God Presence’ in new ways.

Florence Scovel Shinn writes: “To work with God-power, you must give it right-of-way and still the reasoning mind. The instant you ask, Infinite Intelligence knows the way of fulfillment. Our part is to rejoice, give thanks, and act in Faith.” Depending on where you are in your life journey, what’s being said here will seem far fetched and foolish or maybe inspiring and enlightening. How does it resonate with you?

While exploring the prosperous heart I’m uncovering a whole lot of unresolved joy and sadness. I’m discovering compassion that seems to be dismantling my fear. This is restoring an awareness of the generous abundance in my daily life. Duty is changing into delight and I’m allowing myself to flow with what’s here rather than following the agendas of others or my inner task masters. It feels like I’m dying to live more freely.

I’m also finding the prosperous heart to be friendly. It never meets a stranger. It’s not adversarial. It meets kindred spirits, colleagues, pilgrims on a journey; brothers, sisters on the road. It sees the divine spark in everyone and wants to lift up the hearts of all. Does all this sound like some fantasy or visionary fiction to you? If so, it may be what you long to experience but are afraid to. What would it look like to follow your heart?

Step away from your duty for awhile today and find some delight. Treat your inner child to a leisurely walk: share springtime, a smiling face, a few kind words with a stranger, and a heart felt ‘Thank You’ with the whole of creation. Explore your prosperous heart

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