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Exploring the Currents of Creativity

Jul 3, 2017 | Creative Self | 0 comments

I remember a event while scuba diving where I was flowing within an underwater current that swept me along as if I were flying. In retrospect I don’t know whether this was a physical experience or a dream. It seems at times that our inner realities merge with our outer realities to create altered states where time bends and realities overlap. I’m wondering if this is where the river of life merges with the currents of creativity. What do you say? Do you know this experience of timeless flow? Reconnect with a time you were lost in a project where being and doing converged, where there was no concept of time; just nowness, single minded focus.

This has been called “in the flow,” “in the groove,” “one pointedness,” “presence” and a host of other descriptors. I call it art because art is the process of creating, thus fulfilling one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. The mystery here is that every human being born into this Earth plane is a co-creator flowing with the Great Creating. Remember the holographic universe where the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each part contains the Whole? Remember the joy of creation when you were a child? You’re still that creative artist.

As children we all know this without words. We’re co-creators from before birth. in earth time and space however we experience cultural shocks that mute the artist and divert the currents of creativity. We then wonder why there are so many teen suicides, drug addictions, violent crimes and divorces. We wonder why the majority of working people are not happy in their jobs and looking for something better. Do you think it might have something to do with losing our co-creative awareness? Could Bob Marley have given us a clue when he sang: “Live the Life you Love. Love the Life you Live.” How are you when you’re creating. . ? When you’re not. . ?

When pondering the many currents of life, my imagination goes to visible flowing water and invisible flowing energies. I remember being caught in a rushing mountain river after being popped out of a raft, falling down a waterfall, almost drowning and floating on placid stretches that relaxed every muscle in my body. The currents of creativity reflect this in many ways. Sometimes the currents take us with great power and haste into the fray of our creativity not to be stopped by anything. Other times there are relaxing spaces for reflection and realignment.

I wonder how any of us escape the ‘dumbing down’ processes that our cultures create for the masses. I wonder at the mysteries of creativity, artistry and currents of life energy that live within us without our awareness. I wonder about progressive and regressive movements, might makes right attitudes and material wealth as measures of our significance. I wonder about the persons playing great music on street corners for free and writers writing poetry, story and wisdom that will never be published. I wonder about the special kind of artist you are and how we disregard and downplay the currents within currents of creativity that flow through us.

What kind of world do you think we’d create if we treated each and every person including ourselves as a special kind of artist? Might it be that there’s no way of using up creativity; that the more creativity we use, the more we’ll have? What if we’d all make a commitment to ourselves and one another to explore and cultivate our many currents of creativity and share them with the world in ways that would enhance acceptance, understanding love, joy and peace? What if we’d allow ourselves to be led by our dreams, to be the kind of people that boldly ride the currents of our own creativity and inspire others to do the same?

When I started this blog project I had no idea where it would lead or for how long. Over these past five years the weekly discipline has changed who I am in stunningly simple yet profound ways. Getting to the page is no longer a task but a joy. There’s no longer worry about what to say. Topics and quotes appear that pique my curiosity. The currents of creativity move from here. This process brings us together while inspiring and delighting. It’s all a gift.

Over the next months we’ll continue to explore the many currents of creativity that we all share. We’ll look at finding ways to mine the gold within and help raise the levels of awareness needed to transcend and include the many challenges ahead. We’ll embrace the perspective that we’re all gifted co-creators. Coming to know this at a deep visceral level will subtlety shift our awareness. Our untapped creativity wants to flow through and beyond ourselves into the world to express the unity of all creation. It’s time to know – You are a special kind of artist.

  • This week ponder the currents of creativity that have flowed through you over time. Ask your inner artist what creativity wants to be expressed through you here and now. Listen and follow your inner inclinations. Allow the creative energy to draw you. Take baby steps and enjoy.
  • If you don’t have a journal go out a buy a simple composition book for a dollar and begin giving yourself the gift of daily creative time where you can doodle, scribble, write, color, or note whatever stirs your soul. Self reflection and putting yourself on paper is a first and essential action step in creating the awareness of flow in your life.
  • Choose a small project that puts your art in front of you at least three times a week. Create the space within for this date with the currents of creativity that flow within you. Concern yourself with the process not the product. Make every exploration a successful and enjoyable journey. Allow the currents of creativity to take you. Let the destination show itself; flex and flow . . .



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