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Have you noticed that your mind gets bogged down in its expectations? Do you remember the last time your mind decided when or where something was to happen and then became upset when it didn’t? The mind draws from past experience and makes assumptions that future events will follow the same patterns. When this ‘guesswork’ fails, it causes internal disruption and disempowers you.

I’ve managed ranches in my lifetime and noticed that even domesticated animals don’t worry over what will happen. They just live their lives and go on. How different would your life be if you simply accepted things as they came with no expectations? Do you think it would reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety, and create a calming effect?

If ‘you are where your consciousness is’ and your consciousness is focused on the future, does it make sense that your ability to change reality, which resides in the now, could be lessened? So many of our thoughts are conjecture based on what has been, could or could not be, opinion, or misinformation. Where’s the power in this?

My life experience has shown me that personal power thrives in calmness. When I’m anxious, tense, projecting, expecting, and rejecting I make a lot of mistakes and my power is drained. When I’m calm, I sense a connection to my Essence. I’m more focused, more aware, and more alive. Have you ever noticed this in yourself? What keeps us from it? Who or what’s driving and why are we allowing it?

I’m presently in the midst of a significant move from where I’ve been identified mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually into something new and unknown. A part of me wants to put pressure on myself to drive it, push it, get it done, move it faster. Another part is saying ‘Calm down, relax, take your time, go slowly.’ Over the past weeks I’ve listened more to the calming voices and feel the inner power growing. It’s significant.

In this process I’ve also noticed that my heart is softening. I’m discovering that I really need to nurture my many selves. As I nurture, calm, and care for myself with greater awareness and frequency, I’m able to be kinder and gentler with others.

To stop putting pressure on ourselves is to bring a loving calmness into the world. The opposite is also true. To find the calm in the midst of the storm is to accept what is, move to the center, and witness it all without any attachment to the outcome. In the witnessing is understanding, healing, and abundance. In this we change the world and to make it better. Empowerment through Calmness? Yes, for all of what you long for . . .

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