Have you noticed that in life there are seasons and cycles of local, regional, national and planetary events that shape our lives and the lives of others? In the twentieth century we experienced industrialization, urbanization, two world wars, great depressions, exponential growth, population shifts, civil rights conflicts, social unrest, assassinations, space travel, recessions, energy/climate change and globalization.

Into the twenty first century we experienced massive technological innovations, terrorism, national security issues, immigration, political upheaval, rampant materialism, religious polarization, rising divorce, alienation, suicide bombers, protracted wars, financial failures, corporate takeovers, healthcare debates, gun lobbies, entertainment expansion, rising poverty, homelessness and spirituality in the marketplace.

For some it seems as if the world is coming apart at the seams. For others there’s a new renaissance birthing in our midst. The point is that each generation has certain significant events that shape them. Each has  different perspectives on what the world is and how to relate to it. If we divide the twentieth century into quarters we can begin to see the profound and varied influences on the various generations. Have you noticed?

I was born shortly after WWII so was raised and grew up experiencing the second half of the twentieth century where there was radical change into the 70’s, again through the end of the century and then again into the the first fifteen years of the twenty first century. These past sixty plus years have birthed four very different generations with different perspectives and understandings. Each has its’ distinct ‘map‘ of the world.

Each of these maps become part of our psyche, our inner guidance system. They program us for fear and love, war and peace, stewardship and exploitation, fixed and growth mindsets, constriction and expansion, scarcity and abundance. What we insist doth persist. We all have choices to make every moment of everyday in what we want to persist in creating, supporting, and sustaining. We are co- creators of our destiny.

When you and I choose love and forgiveness it ripples out into the world. When we choose fear and condemnation it ripples out into the world. When we choose joy and affirmation, it too ripples out into the world. What we think, feel, speak, and act out is of great importance for ourselves and the whole world. We are all interconnected energy transmitters and receivers.This awareness is critical for our harmony and highest good.

Determination to live in conscious enlightened awareness for our children into the seventh generation is of highest priority. If we’re to have peace on earth, goodwill and well-being for all, there’s an ongoing necessity to bring it forth through understanding, love, joy, and a whole new order of Being. May we persist everyday in making it so . . .

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