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It’s my deep understanding that everyone is born as an artist because the arts, nature, and all other relationships have the power to transform, illuminate, educate, create and inspire. Can you remember the feeling of being inspired? Can you recall the sensation of having your spirits lifted, you heart enlivened and your face transfixed with a smile as you reflect upon an inspiration? Stop for a moment and realign with that sensation . . .Experience the Aliveness . . .

Can you rationally explain this sensation of inspiration? Did some belief you had get suspended for a moment in this inspiring moment? Did you catch a glimpse of the relativity of truth, the unreality of absolutes and the new experience of a more fluid reality? How did your perspective shift in the moment? What wisdom beyond rational intellectualism was tapped? How did your breathing change, your heart space open, your attentiveness alter? Ponder these questions.

Wisdom comes from a place beyond what we know. It can only be experienced through the suspension of our rational linear thought processes; opening to the Mind beyond the mind. We realign with the art of stilling, trusting, opening and presencing. We drop our resistance and listen to what is beyond our conditioned mind. We listen and learn to enter this trans-rational and multi-sensory universe through breathing in and out. We discover a new contentment.

The word inspire comes from the Latin ‘inspirare’ and ‘inspiritus.’ These words literally mean to breathe. The spiritual energy we seek is that which we breathe in and out everyday of our lives. It’s the first thing we do when we’re born and the last thing we do when we die. With breath there is life. Without it there is not. This breath is the Life Source here on Earth. We breathe and are breathed by this invisible Life and Light.  Wisdom lives in the moment.

To inspire people to reach their fullest potential is to help them realize that everything that’s necessary for Life is right here and now. Notice how different you feel when you’re breathing consciously beyond the shallow unconscious kind. Give it attention now, notice the difference. Are you breathing a bit deeper now? More attention, more air, more consciousness. Inspiring, breathing in and out. How long can you consciously stay here? How might it change you?

What implications does this have for being able to receive wisdom? It’s a matter of focus. What we focus on we get more of. What do you focus on? What do you give your attention to? When was the last time you recognized your breathing? When it’s said that the Divine, Essence, Source, Spirit is as close to you as your breath, it’s literally true. Every breath counts in keeping you powerfully connected to Life. . . Realign and harmonize. Allow the inspiration to move you.

We reach our fullest potential by consciously awakening to the Source of Light and Life within: I AM this breath and this one and on and on. Stay centered here while exploring the edges of life. Begin to know the not knowing. Sail with the winds of change navigating with wonder and vitality. Connect with Life. Breathe in the wisdom of the sages. Live ‘inspiritus’, empowered. Open to the possibilities that blossom in and all around you. Be the being you came here to be!

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