We all come into this planetary enterprise with prosperity. Without it we could not survive. Beyond surviving there is thriving, flourishing, and succeeding in a variety of ways, all of which take the support of Mother Earth, all our relations, and the Infinite Creative Source. Prosperity then is a state of being, relatively unattached to material success and yet this is our present standard of measurement. Is exploitation of the earth and each another part of prosperity? No!

I sometimes think about the native people who lived on the North American continent before any of the rest of us showed up. What do you think prosperity meant for them? The water and air was pure everywhere. The food supply was abundant in the forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and grasslands. The verdancy of the earth’s soil and minerals, plants and animals provided all that was necessary. Prosperity was a matter of reciprocity, of respectfully receiving and giving.

How do we measure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? How do we determine  the base line for the necessities of food, clothing and shelter? Who decides how much pollution is enough or how many species we extinguish or what difference it makes to genetically modify food? Maybe prosperity is honoring and respecting the dignity of the earth, all our relations and that of every sentient and non sentient being that inhabits the planet.Maybe prosperity is awareness.

We’re living in a time when our Whole Earth and the community of life that inhabits it is asking for help after billions of years of balanced evolutionary splendor. Now however, because of our forgetfulness and lack of regard, we’re facing a series of solutions that already require significant shifts in consciousness, attention, receptivity, realignment and collaboration among each other and the whole planetary system. Prosperity now requires more from us.

When we open our hearts and minds to the Source and go within to carve out a space, an inner sanctuary of quiet, safety, and calmness; we begin clearing out the debris that is resistant, getting in the way of empathy, strength, receptivity and renewal. In this, we begin to discern the creative fire within, be stirred by it and open to new possibilities for realignment.

To embrace the prosperity of Well-being is to be receptive, appreciative, passionate and proactive. It’s an empowerment for you to recognize yourself as a significant part of the solution and the many ways you can make meaningful differences. It’s a knowing that you are blessed to be a blessing, that your heart can open and that you can live with radical thankfulness and joyfully manifest the Power of Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom and Well-being from the Inside Out.

Stop – Still, Trust, Open, Presence . . .  Drop – Discern, Relax, Observe, Practice . . .
Clip – Cultivate, Learn, Inspire, Persist . . . Clop – Co-create, Love, Optimize, Prosper . . .
Like a horse and carriage each step is important and interconnected along the way.
We start in stillness and prosperity . We end in stillness and prosperity.

 -Be Still and Know -The Journey Continues – Every Moment is Precious-

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