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In times of massive social change the Holy Fool shows up in a variety of disguises to question the ideas of danger and destruction while affirming the many possibilities and opportunities which seem hidden and impossible. This ‘seeing’ with new eyes is the coming together of the revelation from above and the wisdom from below. It’s the fusion of apparent opposites which optimize each to create something wonderfully new.

To optimize something is to make it as perfect, effective, and functional as possible. Ordinarily this means optimizing our search engines, our finances, our social status, our visibility, our advertising, and our image or impact in the community. This often has a scent of inauthenticity. With Well-being, we optimize ‘Being’ first which then allows the ‘Doing’ to be delightfully different; more selfless, authentic, lighthearted and joyful.

What would happen in your life if you’d optimize your thanksgivings and minimize your complaints? How would your life change if you’d move beyond the yoke of your customary habits, conventions, conditioning and passive acceptance to live more fully in resilient unconventional spontaneity and abundance? What if you let go some of your ‘seriousness‘ and enlightened up to enjoy the brighter side of life? Feel the invitation.

I’ve spent a lot of days and nights with our grandson from the moment he was born six years ago. He’s become one of my most beloved teachers and I am that for him. He teaches me about Being and Lightheartedness. I teach him about Doing and Becoming. We optimize our natural gifts for each other and the world in ways that enhance laughter, listening, loving and learning. We enjoy sharing our talents and being together.

In all this, there’s a synthesis of spirituality and spontaneity, intellectuality and creativity. There’s an invisible, interconnected   and  participatory universal community that we’re a part of whether we know it or not. It’s the contemplative dimension, being with the template of the One Essential Nature of Creation that binds all things together. Here there’s an alignment with wealth, opportunity, wisdom, and well-being. Woww . . .

Imagine enjoying life without judgement and illusion. Imagine being receptive, resilient and reconciling every day. Imagine a certain unselfconsciousness that would allow you to be your true self rather than somebody else. Imagine joyful abundance and radical thankfulness. This is what it is to optimize well-being. It requires the openness of the child, the sagacity of the seasoned male/ female and the resilience of a holy fool.

It’s the recognition that what we call reality is nothing more than a ‘collective hunch‘ that is always open to question, poking, humor, wonder, enjoyment, and fun. Seriousness is the thesis. Levity is the anthesis. Love, Joy, and Peacefulness is the synthesis. The Sovereign within knows it’s our task to accept and fully enjoy this gift. Embrace It . . .

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