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I’ve been fascinated over the years at how many men and women have come to me for counseling who’ve said yes to every precept in the above quote while failing to live into this  powerful way of Being. The problem I see is that most people simply take love for granted and don’t recognize how our cultural conditioning tears at the very fabric of true love. Learning how to overcome our not so loving upbringing demands special attention, special awareness.

I remember listening to one woman resist the notion of love as being unconditional. “There’s no such thing as unconditional love.” she said. This was true for her because she’d never experienced it. She couldn’t even imagine it because of her conditioning. This is the case for most of us and because of it, we have to learn how to be patient and kind. We have to learn how to transcend jealousy, pride, arrogance, rudeness, selfishness, irritability and resentment.

Have you ever justified your own words or behaviors while condemning those of others? Have you ever taken satisfaction in winning an argument, proving someone wrong and even saying, “I told you so.”? Have you ever quit on your highest aspirations because of outside forces working against you or quit on a significant relationship because the going got tough?  How many times have you competed in win/lose with another rather that cooperating for a win/win? Do you see?

To live in a space of Well-being is to live within the context of an evolving belief system. The law of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is being replaced by the law of “forgiveness.” The law of “the weak serve the strong, the disciple serves the master” is slowly being replaced with the higher law of “the strong serve the weak and the master serves the disciple” as shown by the Master who washed the disciples feet. The “cooperation for existence” will someday replace the “struggle for existence.” This all takes place within the ever present energy field of Love.

This ‘New’ evolving principle of Love and Well-being was ushered into the psychic and physical structure of our planetary community two millennia ago. It has slowly been infiltrating the hearts and minds of humanity ever since. We are now in a time of a much more accelerated movement of conscious awakening than at any other time in history. Each of us is being invited to live into this higher altitude of consciousness; evolve into more loving, joyful, and peaceful ways of being. This is a shift from the will to power to the will to service. We’re the bridge.

In this new era of Well-being, Love is beginning to bear all things, believe all things, hope for all things and endure all things. We are in a process of surrendering to Love and recognizing that it is the Energy of the Universe as well as the Life blood of the Heart. As we move from a focus on the Mental and Physical capacities to a more balanced approach which includes the Emotional and Spiritual, we will discover a deeper more enlightened level of the Whole. Remember to Remember that Love never ends and strive everyday to make Love your aim. Breathe it in . . .

Be Receptive. Be Open. Silently chant IAM Love, IAM Love, IAM Love, IAM Love, Yes, IAM . . .

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