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My life experience has clearly shown me that we’re all co-creators participating in everything that’s happening to, with and for us. Most of us however, are unconscious of this reality and deny it. Do to this lack of awareness, we shirk our responsibility and put it on others. Then, when things don’t go our way, we can criticize and blame ‘them’, play victim and perpetuate the  illusion that we’re not responsible or accountable. We’re resistant to the gift of receptivity.

To embrace well-being requires a higher level of awareness. It literally demands that we look deeply within ourselves and recognize how we participate in the many dramas of our own lives. We’re invited to look at the choices we make that cause suffering. As we begin to explore the resistance in our attitudes and actions, we can awaken to our own unconsciousness and participate differently. It’s a choice between slavery and freedom, resistance  and receptivity.

As a co-creator of reality, what do you long for? What emotions are you still at odds with? What are the demands you’re still making, the anger you’re still fighting, the cravings and fears that still enslave you? Are you disabled by grief or apathy? Does blame isolate you and shame humiliate you? As a co-creator you can transform all of this. You can realign with the co-creative energies of the Cosmos. You can return to your Source. You can learn to receive abundance.

On the other hand, as a co-creator, what are you affirming about who you are? What thoughts, words, and actions are helping you live in joy? Is it the courage and empowerment you receive and give to others, the trust you have, the willingness to inspire and be inspired, the kindness that is given to you that you share with others? Maybe you’re connecting with deep meaning  and understanding, love, joyfulness, peace: living in the receptive mode of Being and Becoming.

All this is part of the human/divine connection and plays out everyday around the globe. Each thought and action comes from the past, present and future. Each emotion is made to be a friend or an enemy. Each time we get challenged we move to a self-righteous justification or a humble acceptance of another opportunity to learn something new. As we open ourselves to a more lighthearted disposition, a more forgiving altitude, a more receptive mode of operating, we connect with more creativity, with the higher energies of love, joy, peace and prosperity.

To be a co-creator implies collaboration and alignment with the whole of creation and that which is the Source of creation, the IAM that Is. This Benevolent Something that flows inside, out, around and through all creation is ever present. In a Holographic Universe the Whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts and each part contains the Whole. This is co-creativity at it’s highest flowering.How could it be any other way? How could we not want to live into this reality?

So let’s recognize who we truly are and be receptive to our unique part to play in this great drama we call Life. Let’s wake up to the joy that frees us from the dull, sullen, critical utterances of our terminally adult perspectives. Let’s become childlike and poke fun of ourselves for our mechanical lock step behaviors. Let’s enter into life’s joyous dance as co-creative sisters and brothers. Let’s Remember our mission to accomplish: Peace, Goodwill and Well-being for All.

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