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Trust is one of the primary foundations upon which our True Self is built. It begins in the womb and again in the tomb. It colors our world with danger and opportunity, fear and love, scarcity and abundance. Do you remember an event in your early life that taught you mistrust? Do you have an incident in your life where you had a great loss, where what you thought would never end did, where you became lost and confused?

When we focus all our attention on wealth outside ourselves, we set up a loosing proposition that feels like a win. If we succeed in creating external wealth it’s rare that we access our inner wealth or that of others. We hide, repress, and deny anything but what feels good on the outside and dismiss the innate inner wealth we are born with. Do you know what I’m talking about? How important has inner wealth been to you?

Somewhere in our lifetime we realize that trust is both an inside and outside job. We come to know that the ebb and flow of life is a process of give and take. We discover that failure and success are the two hands of Life given in direct proportion to our awareness, intention and attention. When you look at all your accomplishments, what do you see in relation to the awareness, intention, and attention you gave them?

I remember going to college without any intention except to get away from the small town mindsets I was raised with. I had the necessary aptitude but not the appropriate attitude. I flunked out in my junior year which proved to be the best possible outcome for my lack of intention. Becoming a common laborer with no future got my attention. I returned to the classroom, graduated, earned advanced degrees, and kept on learning.

The wealth of the universe flows inside, around, and through us all wherever we are. To trust ourselves and each other with this inner wealth requires awareness, encouragement, and engagement. It requires the power of intention and attention. It requires a consciousness that moves us beyond concepts of a mechanical universe and dogmas of unenlightened thought. It requires trust in Life’s human divine mystery.

Do you trust that no matter what happens, you’ll be all right? Do you trust that with the soil, sunlight, and water of intention, attention, and energized action you can live into the life of wealth and abundance you are? Do you trust that you can change, turn danger into opportunity and failure into success? Do you trust the Life Source you’ve come from? If so you can receive and give great wealth. You can love what you have and help to make it grow. You can flow in the wealth of Life and boldly risk. It’s your choice.

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