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Years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties, I experienced a profound loss. My whole world turned upside down as the proverbial rug came out from under my feet. All I could do was accept what was happening, still my mind, seek guidance, and wait. Through a series of synchronistic events I eventually found myself living in a primitive miners cabin at eleven thousand feet in the Colorado Rockies in the dead of winter for four months.

I was able to trek in and out every two weeks for supplies, chop wood, melt snow for water, stoke the fire, watch the snow fall, and listen to a silence I’d never heard before. The unobscured night sky glistened like diamonds and was so close I felt I could touch it. The stillness of all the precious moments opened my heart and touched my soul.

Before I spent this time in the wilderness of stillness and snow, I thought of wealth in terms of a profusion of money or material possessions. I never had the sense of wealth being anything but material. During and after this experience I began to perceive wealth as an abundance of energy that was ever present, powerful, and accessible in ways I never knew.The experience of the daily ongoing cycles of life changed me forever.

I began to see how the loss that brought me here had prepared me to receive the gifts of openness, acceptance, and abundance. I was able to experience the wealth of each day as if it was the only day. There was no more resistance, no interference with the magnetic energy of abundant life. Wealth was not only matter but also a living energy flowing inside, around, and through me. I realigned my orientation to embrace this flow.

I walked off the mountain that Spring with a new appreciation for Life and everything that Is. I came to realize that all the external storms I experience outside are a mirror of those on the inside. I became aware of how much wealth and poverty I create with my attention and intentions. Be Still.……….and Know…………how much you know and don’t know. Be Still……….and Know…….the Who that’s Truly You. It’s an ongoing practice.

This Stilling Practice is meant to redirect your inner compass. It’s a magnet to assist you on your hero’s journey. Wealth and Abundance can now be everywhere you are within everyone you meet. Will you forget when you visit Scare-city from time to time? Yes, but you can always be Still and Know that every breath is about opening, receiving, and embracing the ever present wealth called Life. When you’re content to simply be where you are there’s always wealth, Life, giving and receiving. Embrace it!

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