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Embracing Today

Aug 19, 2020 | Soul | 0 comments

We took a short walk early this morning to greet the day and discover something new in the morning sun. What came was a brief discovery of the everyday unknown we take for granted. Of all the houses we passed there was only one person outside. She was watering her flowers, smiled and said, “Another beautiful day!” I responded with “Indeed. Enjoy!” and kept walking. The sun was awakening with radiant energy while people in the neighborhood were invisible in their dwellings. How do we embrace the unknown when we stay sequestered in our own worlds?

In the contemplative traditions, the unknown is discovered within the depths of our souls. It becomes an ongoing movement from external attention to the internal more subtle awareness of our inner landscapes. After the morning walk I came into my study to again ponder the possibility  of embracing the unknown. I dropped into the well of ‘not knowing’ which lies in the very heart of all matter. What do I unequivocally know about what I’m capable of? Yes, I’ve engaged in a vast array of jobs, positions, experiences but have I really pushed the envelope?

As I wandered through the stories of my life, I re-membered not only the roads traveled but also the roads less traveled. What if I had taken this path instead of that one? Why did I make that decision rather than this one? Where would I be if I’d listened to this prompt rather than that one? Who would I be if I would have said “No” instead of “Yes” to him/her/them? What if ? ? ? 

And now that I’m here, what if I decide to play it ‘safe’ and don’t spend the time and energy to step into the unknown, test the waters and. . . what if I fail?  Does any of this sound familiar?

As we wander through the many seasons of soul we’re asked to grow, change and rearrange. The flowing river is very different in August than in May. The flowers blossom only for a fraction of time while the bees gather nectar to create and renew. Winter drives us into our caves while summer draws us out. Within all these seasons there are seasons. Every day I notice something different as the winds of change blow through my life. I wonder about things in my teens that I never knew or could have imagined while in my twenties and thirties was able to accomplish

Sequestered in an ever changing environment, I’m  seeing the world from a different angle. I’m listening to music I never knew existed and connecting to an ever growing mystery. Do I know what I’m capable of?  Have I passed all the tests, jumped through all the hoops, dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s? Do I know where I was before my mother was born and why I’m here? What are we capable of…?  Anything is possible, so I’m embracing today and moving in to find my way. It’s an ever present showing that inspires a knowing; all ways and everywhere flowing!

  • Give yourself the gift of embracing as many moments today as you can. Recognize what it feels like to ‘be here now’. Breath in delight. . . . Breath out the fight. . . . Flow. . . . 
  • Allow your mind to get quiet and embrace the ‘not knowing’ in the moment. Feel the Ahh!


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