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Do you have an unspoken assumption that tension is the natural way of living life? Do you thrive on the judgements you make creating win/lose situations for you and others? Do you speak automatically, driven by the game of intellect and imagination? Do you allow the oscillation of your mind to run your life and keep you in an unconscious state of anxiety and discontent? How often do you act on impulse and wish you hadn’t?

What if the natural way of Life involved expanding consciousness, relaxing, deepening awareness, and bridging the divide between all apparent and so called opposites? What if peacefulness and caring were as contagious as hysteria? What if we and the whole of creation were interconnected and we could access this collective field of energy? What if calmness truly is the cradle of power and peaceful relaxation is who we really are?

The opportunities to live a loving, joyful, and peaceful human divine life are always and everywhere present with and for us. The dangers of resisting and missing the opportunities are also present as we close our minds and hearts to the more expansive vision of abundant Life. The strange part of all this is that we don’t realize the freedom and opportunities we have because of our resistance, close-mindedness and fear.

“The practical key for all success in every domain is to quietly and unceasingly direct the greatest force upon the smallest point. It is only possible in a condition of calm and silence.” I ran across this quote and it’s explanation in an ancient text about ‘esoteric’ or ‘inner’ Christianity. It went on to talk about “Active Relaxation” or “Effort without Effort” and the ever present rhythm of life symbolized by the sign of infinity, the inverted eight.

After reading about this inner revelation and how it’s paramount in achieving a peaceful and abundant life I decided to stay conscious of the rhythm of my breathing and my heart beat for the rest of the day. These are the built in rhythmic systems which are tied to our respiration and circulation. Consciously resting in these every present systems is the seat of embracing the innate power and ongoing opportunities in our lives.

Within this practice I chose to walk in the environment of a shopping center. I became aware of the constant inner chatter inside my head and how difficult it was to simply concentrate on my breathing. I noticed the evaluative mind making judgements, taking issue with lighting, pricing, unconsciousness, and the chatter itself. Relax, realign, shhh.

Quietly and unceasingly I directed the force of my concentration back to my breathing. I was humbled at the discovery of my own non-relaxed disposition and resolved to return to the practice: discern, relax, observe, presence, again, again, again, again, and again.

I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That Infinite Flowing Rhythm…

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