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Embracing Change

Mar 27, 2019 | Change | 0 comments

A few months ago we were looking for a significant transition in our lives that would take us to another level of  development. Surprisingly, an opportunity came that required a physical move eight hours away from where we’d lived for decades. In moving, we let go of a lot of external baggage that we no longer wanted. What we didn’t count on however was all the internal baggage that we’d have to let go of. It’s not only been a physical transition but also a mental, emotional and spiritual transition.

William Bridges, the transition guru says: “It is when we’re in transition that we are most completely alive.” My discovery is that transition takes a lot of energy and depending on the situation, is very tiring and trying. Beginning something new always seems to be a challenge and brings up all kinds of performance anxiety, fears and questions. It’s probably why so many people find a comfortable slot and stay in it. The ‘not knowing’ wakes us up , challenges us to change and demands a new kind of attention.

The variety of transitions that take place in the season of Spring challenge our wants. Last week it snowed almost everyday. Just as I thought I’d shoveled the last of the snow off the cars and sidewalks, another six inches fell to the ground. It then rained, the wind blew, the temperatures dropped and it snowed again. This week the clouds have disappeared, the sun is bright and it’s in the sixties. The internal baggage says it should be warm and sunny now. The awakening to be fully alive says: Embrace Change!

Sitting within the wonder of the ‘Seasons of Soul’ is helping me recognize that change is one of the many laws of life. It involves the purposeful action of becoming increasingly conscious while asking ourselves how open and alive we’re willing to be. Do we want to fight the existing reality or build a new model within that transforms how we experience all that shows itself in the moment? How willing am I to ‘give myself’ to the new reality I want to create and how beneficial and integral will it be for the greater good?

My mind keeps running through the scenarios of climate change and what the science says about our destructive impact on planet Earth. My internal baggage wants to blame, shame and chastise the people that are responsible, in denial and keep propagating the ongoing destruction. I then realize how I’m a contributor and am not changing much of anything in relation to the problem. I haven’t given myself to it by creating a new reality. I haven’t recognized that the necessary change starts here within me.

Buckminster Fuller mused: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” This resonates with my inner awareness and yet I fail to engage it fully. My inner baggage becomes a block and a hinderance that needs to be addressed. As I experience it, a letting go process is engaged as if it was external baggage. The give away is  emptying out the inner closets of preconceived notions while letting come the new.

In letting go, emptying ourselves of old patterns and behaviors, we begin to know what we’re capable of. We learn to embrace the unknown rather than complaining and doing nothing about it. We accept the snow,  hail, rain, wind, sunshine, cold and warmth of  all the winters, springs, summers and autumns of our lives whenever they appear. We become more conscious of being who we truly are and appreciate all of Nature’s mysteries. We create new realities that are in harmony with Nature and thrive as One.

Thus, the change we are called to embrace creates an inner and outer harmony that is integral to the Original Blessings of this amazing co-creation we call Earth, Home. We become stewards of creation which means we take great care of all we have and all that is given  We consciously become part of the Whole with respect and dignity for every part so as to flourish together with reverent abundance. This transition in thought and action creates and sustains the miracle we call LIFE For All. . . .

  • Allow yourself the gift of reflection on what kind of sustainable life you’d like for your great grandchildren. Ponder what you might have to change for it to become a reality.
  • If you find yourself fighting the existing reality, what new model could you create to make this existing model obsolete and why? How could you start creating it today?
  • If transition is the story of Life, what transitions are you being inspired to make within your life? What are the steps you’re taking today to make it so?
  • What awareness is awakening within you as you reflect on these visions and actions? How willing are you to give this significant  rumination time before you take action?



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