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I slowly came out of my sleep listening to soft ambient music while drifting on pillowy white clouds in the sky. The wind gently moved the clouds peacefully through me. I wondered how I had come to be here. The music and gentle wind merged with the clouds to warm my heart and soothe my soul. Drifting with the clouds brought me home to the movement between worlds. I breathed in a lightness beyond physicality.

Having these kinds of experiences allow us to let the stars and trees, wind and rain, sun and earth enter into our daily lives. Awakening to the natural beauty of creation brings us closer to the infinite Essence of who we truly are rather than bolstering our finite ego personalities. How long has it been since you were able to drift along with the clouds, sense the flow of a gentle wind and dance in the sun? You can embrace it anytime.

So many of us have allowed ourselves to be cut off from the natural flow of creation that we’ve forgotten the Essence and Joy of simply Being. We’ve traded our inner knowing for an outer knowing that distracts us and keeps us locked in an unconscious sleep. We go through the motions of life thinking we have free-will but act mechanically in almost all our thoughts, words and deeds. Observe your unconscious habitual patterns and see for yourself what I’m saying.

What might happen if you aspired to know the Unknowable, entered fully into the Great Mystery of Life?  What if you decided to be fertile ground to the Heart-seeds of Love and awakened to the many spiritual gifts waiting for your attention wherever you are? What if you focused more on your inner life and less on your outer life? What if you made your personality more passive and your Essence more active?

There’s an inner psycho-spiritual practice that’s sometimes called self observation or witnessing. It involves withdrawing your unconscious attention from the dramas going on around you and giving conscious attention to simply observing or witnessing your involvement, your reactions, your thoughts and your words. It’s an impersonal observation without criticism or judgement. It’s a simple yet conscious observing/witnessing presence.

As you engage this self observation you also open the space within for what is called Self Remembering. In this deeper space you remember your Essence, that essential soul part of you that knows the Unknowable, the Great Mystery of Life. These practices awaken you to the finite personality that comes and goes and to the infinite Essence of the Who that is eternally You. Here you can remember how to drift with the clouds and dance with the wind.

  • Take a few moments today to observe your many selves. Notice your thoughts, words and actions. Simply take a step back and witness your many competing selves coming and going.
  • While practicing self observation breathe into your Heart space to connect with your Essence, your True Self. Rest here until you feel a calm peaceful presence in this Self Remembering.

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