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Daily Dancing

Sep 19, 2018 | Change | 0 comments

As I was reading through the many quotes I’ve collected over the years, I was stopped by one I didn’t remember by an author I didn’t recognize. It spoke to me about joining in the dance. The author is Longcheripa who said: “Since everything is but an apparition, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection; one may well burst out in Laughter.”  Closing my eyes, I saw everyone dancing with every change in the Twenty first Century. When the Cheshire Cat smiled, I burst out in raucous laughter.

The imagery was crazy. People of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages were jumping up, down and all around with anger, pain, joy, sorrow,  abundance, poverty,  tears, laughter, exultation, agitation, desire, love, fear and every other imaginable emotion. People were twisting, turning, falling down, embracing, standing, tapping their feet, smiling, frowning, singing, dying, loving and romancing. It was the strangest scene imaginable and yet, we were all dancing. How was it possibly for us all to be part of this chaotic trance dance?

Opening my eyes, the scene dissolved and I realized how graphic this imagery spoke of the emotional chaos we’re all a part of. This temporary imagery was analogous to what happens throughout the world every moment of every day. We’re all in this strange mixture of gyrations covering the full range of movements known to Nature. It’s like the Autumn leaves turning a myriad of colors at various times, blowing in the wind, covering the ground and eventually becoming fertilizer for new growth.

Trying to make sense out of change plunges us into the experience of that which we’re apart of. It invites us to participate fully so we can learn new ways of being and doing. It asks us to feel the rhythms we’re dancing to and how we’re apart of them rather than a part from them. Eventually we learn to sense our common unity which ultimately offers us new possibilities. Learning about the many winds of change teaches us about the necessary adjustments pointing to the slow rhythmic inner dance we so often ignore.

What is this serene inner dance we so often ignore? What are the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual moves we make from day to day that help us find a harmony that creates a smooth groove? What are the moves you use to flow serenely through the haze of your days? How often do you stop, look and listen to the inner music that animates your movements? What are the resonant and dissonant rhythms vibrating  within you and how aware are you of these ever present frequencies and  vibrations?

The part within us we call ego/persona is active, nervous, judging and calculating every thought, feeling and action for its advantage. Without the influence of what we call soul/essence which is passive, calm, appreciating and understanding for the greater good, we get lost in the ever present emotional turmoil we call life. The practice is to bring these active and passive energies together. The passive energy of soul can transcend and include the active ego energy while transforming and reconciling it to a new dance.

Let’s experience this new dance. . . . Become aware of breathing in and out. When ready, notice and observe the brief end of each inhale and exhale. . . . Stay with this awareness. . . . and as you do, bring your attention to the feeling at the end of each inhale/exhale. . . . Do you notice the peace that’s here? This is part of the Soul’s Code, the calmness that’s a cradle of power for us humans. . . . This rhythmic pause is a portal to the height, depth and breadth of the Who that’s Truly You; your True Self.

The dance here is calm and centered. It’s a slow sweet rhythmic series of moves and also a fast soulful engagement of energetic and rhythmic movements. The unity is in the blissful illuminating energy of the calm, appreciative, understanding of inner peace and prosperity that’s entered into through this portal of endings/beginning where All Being resides. The more we become aware of this integral movement within, the more we’re able to experience it. Come Here Daily to Know the Grace of this Expansive Embrace.

Eventually, within this Soul Dance, your essential Essence of Life, you’ll remember to remember to come home again to Life’s ultimate Dance, to the rhythm of an inner life that wants to be lived always and everywhere. When you link this to another moment, another day, week, month, year; you’ll know how close, near and dear this Peace of Life is that surpasses all human over-standing. You’ll again realign your heart, soul and ego mind to the Knowing, Loving, Laughter and Aliveness that Always IS. . . .

  • Go back to the above exercise and spend at least four minutes engaging it. Again, feel the momentary peace at the end of each exhale and inhale.
  • Now imagine extending this feeling, this felt experience of Peacefulness. Give yourself this gift regularly over the next thirty days and notice the effects of the experience.
  • While in this practice and out of it, notice the nature of your Daily Dance. Reference the various actions and emotions in the second paragraph above. How are you Being? What are you learning about You?  Are you Laughing yet?  Why?  Why not? Hmm…


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