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We’re living in a time of great transition which has many in a state of panic and chaos. It presents us all with what I’m calling a Crisis of Consciousness. When I say this, many have no idea what I’m talking about while others just nod, smile and join their thumb and index finger to form the OK sign which means they understand. As I’ve said before, ‘Crisis’, in the written language of the Chinese is formed by two symbols. One is Danger. The other is Opportunity.

Every culture has something to be ashamed of and also has the opportunity to challenge the traditions that have outlived their time and create new ones. The danger is that many people are so attached to the traditions, beliefs, and ways of being and doing that they think there’s no other way to function. They then become defensive, reactionary, fearful and resist the change that’s necessary. We’re now experiencing this globally in our tumultuous twenty first century.

This presents an opportunity to ‘wake up’ from our amnesia. We’ve forgotten who we truly are: we’ve become so wrapped up in the outer reality that we’ve lost connection with our Essence, Soul, Inner Being, True Self, IAM-ness, Source and the thousand other names for this essential reality. We’ve become lost in the maize of our many ego selves that cling to either/or binary thinking to live in the illusion of ongoing separation, alienation, disconnection and narcissism.

When we think with more expansive, spacial and inclusive thoughts we believe and behave differently. When we make the possible impossible it stays impossible. When we however make the impossible possible we create the possibility of knowing that a ‘belief’ is only a thought we keep thinking. In thinking differently we learn to co-create in an ever expanding universe within and without. We learn to let go of certain beliefs to let come greater ones. It’s a living process.

This then is about reconnecting and activating the Original Blessing of Essence we’ve come from, will return to and that resides within us. It’s also about making the ego self more passive to alleviate the conflicts between you and yourself, you and others, you and ideas, you and your Essence. What are your beliefs about what you think you know? How often have you observed yourself judging, condemning, feeling superior and thwarting new creation?

To be a Cultural Creative starts with calmness, discerning new opportunities at all levels. It  continues by remembering who you truly are and observing who you think you are but are not. Notice all the monkeys chattering in your head. Give attention to all the issues that cause you to grumble. Sit deeply wherever you are and simply listen in silence to the still small voice that’s calm, receptive and powerful. Become aware of your Presence as your most valuable Product.

As Cultural Creatives we can repair the past and prepare the future by living fully in the present. This is a choice for us to make everyday with greater awareness, courage and love.

  • Sit calmly with an open heart and mind. Breathe in a receptive Presence. Ask this moment “What small step can I take to create a more healing and wholistic culture within me?”
  • Commit to the practice of letting go your rigid constricting beliefs to let come the more elastic expanding ones. Become more receptive and teachable by softening your grip on life . . . 

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