As children we continually experience life with a sense of wonder, unbridled curiosity and creativity. In my experience, the first and simplest emotion which we find in the human mind is curiosity. I’ll never forget the look I shared with my twelve minute old grandson when we met eye to eye for the first time. It was a combination of recognition, awe, wonder and curiosity. I may have been projecting but the bond was there and as we’ve stayed closely connected over the years our connection has become more expansive, creative and curious.

Everything that’s new and uncommon for the child can help us see what’s become old and common for us in new creative ways. Our imaginations can be inspired by the child’s curiosity and creativity that comes in spontaneous and surprising moments. Ideas that are no longer possessed by us can appear because of the perceptions shared by one not yet conditioned with filters that snuff out the candle of learning called curiosity. To be in a process of creative change and curiosity however requires openness, awareness and receptivity.

These features are all with us at birth. Through criticism, judgement and fixed mindsets learned as we grow beyond childhood however, they are steadily extinguished, repressed, hidden and denied. We fall prey to the binary cultural concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, correct and incorrect, and all the other controlling ways of thinking defined by the authority of others. What would happen if you’d start asking curious and creative questions like: What if ? What else ? Why not ? Do you suspect it might bring something new into being?

A dear friend of mine doesn’t consider herself to be very creative or curious and yet I see her amazing creativity and curiosity shining forth in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people. She brings something new into being every time she plays with her grandchildren. She enlarges human consciousness in her refusal to accept unquestioned answers. She fulfills her own being in the world through simple acts of creativity that seem inconsequential yet have a curious and pervasive influence. She’s become a master of creativity in her daily life which is quite curious.

How much do you believe in yourself? How often do you risk curiosity, wonder, creativity, and delight? How spontaneous are you in your day to day living? How do you reveal the wonder of the human spirit? When was the last time you danced with another or by yourself? How often do you explore and seek adventure in new and uncommon ways that challenge the status quo and the conventional ways of thinking, believing and behaving? When was the last time you created  something that expanded your edges and pressed you into the unknown?

To be creative and curious means to connect. It seeks to erase the gap between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms. It seeks to bridge science and art, fiction and non fiction, the known and the unknown. It directs us to connect with the Power of Life that works like the soil to grow the innate gifts of creativity and curiosity we received at birth. Connectivity is relational. It longs for the energies that create worlds and asks that we give of them freely to expand the possibilities and potentialities of our lives in joyful abundant artistic living.

What brings Life to life for you? What stimulates wonder in you and activates your imagination for more aliveness? What are you still curious about? Can you still feel a subtle pulse within inviting you to explore something new? How are you resisting/assisting this creative change? There’s a ripeness that comes when you’re really ready to ask for greater creative expansion and are curious, inspired and willing to receive it. There’s an expectant energy that you can feel, a childlikeness in anticipation with surprise and delight when letting go of certainties.

The guidance here is to bring conscious attention and awareness to the flow of your life, your curiosity and creativity. It’s a co-creative effort that works from the inside out. Consult your own intuition and inner wisdom. Connect with nature, creation. Awaken to your passions. Allow your beauty to flow into the world. Engage your own unique creative process and birth something new.  Are you ready for a miracle with curiosity and creativity?  The miracle is You!

  • Allow yourself the time each day to open up space within by simply sitting quietly alone letting go of all the ‘noise’ that fills your life. Make room within for something new to be birthed in you.
  • Recall the last time you were curious enough about something to actually pursue it. How did you feel in doing so? What did it lead to? In what ways did it expand your awareness?
  • Practice periods of stillness, solitude and silence daily. Allow yourself to move beyond established patterns, to gain different perspectives, to find greater clarity for heightened creativity and appreciative inquiry.
  • Give your curiosity free reign in the ‘I Wonder exercise.’ Fill a whole page in your journal by writing “I Wonder who, what, where, when, why, how………with anything that comes to mind in the moment. Don’t think about it. Just do a free write and put down whatever comes. It will stimulate your curiosity muscle and open you to more creative freedom . . .

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