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Is it possible that the creative impulse we all experience unconsciously issues forth from the invisible Source of life and flows in, around, and through the whole of creation? Could it be that by its very nature, creativity is a threat to rational thought and external control? Do you hide repress, and deny your own creativity? Do you allow yourself to be influenced by those who want uniformity, predictability, and orderliness?

When I wrote my first novel I was encountered by an inescapable mystery. It seemed to surround and permeate the creative process I participated in daily. I continually found myself in a place of receptivity, alive and open to hear what needed to be written. It was a process of birthing that demanded openness, awareness, and attention. I sensed, beyond my senses, that I was part of something spacious and wonderful. How have you experience this?

To be in the process of authentic change requires awareness, attention, and receptivity. It’s a discipline of showing up consistently at the writing table or whatever birthing table you’re being called to create from. It’s an engagement to be the co-creator you were born to be. It’s been said that the greatest art you will ever create is the art of your own life. Might this be true? If so, how are you living into it?

A dear friend of mine doesn’t consider herself to be an artist of any kind and yet I see her amazing creativity shining forth in all kinds of places with all kinds of people. She brings something dramatically new into being every time she plays with her grandson or interacts with her friends.

She’s a co-creative agent who enlarges human consciousness. She fulfills her own being in the world through simple acts of kindness that seem inconsequential yet have pervasive influence. She’s becoming a master of creativity in her daily life.

Do you feel yourself actively engaged in fulfilling your own being in the world or do you sense that you’re wasting your life in frivolous pursuits of no consequence? Where do you experience your creative encounters? What brings Life to life for you? What stimulates wonder in you and activates your imagination? Do you feel a subtle pulse within inviting your into something new? Are you resisting or assisting the change?

There’s a ripeness that comes when you’re really ready to change. It comes slowly over time like the gentle aging of a vintage wine. It also comes quickly like a thunder storm in mid-afternoon. The counsel is to bring attention and awareness to the flow of your life and the creativity that lies within. Consult your own intuition and inner wisdom. Connect with creation. Bathe in the starlight. Choose your passions.

To fulfill your own special destiny is to let your beauty and creativity flow into the world, to become a co-creating agent that births something new through the uniqueness of you. Are you ready to take your seat, to become the one of a kind work of art you are? Are you ready for a miracle? Could the miracle you’re waiting for already be within you? Hold that thought, give it attention, and create the reality . . .


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