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Creative Receptivity

Aug 10, 2017 | Creative Self | 0 comments

It’s amazing in this twenty first century to hear scientists talking about prayer, soul, spirit and divine intelligence as necessary components of our life together. What if you would consider your inspirations and intentions part of what’s done within the context of prayer, meditation and co-creation? How might this shift your thinking and acting? What if prayer is more than petition, intercession, confession, and thanksgiving? What if it’s a partnership with divine intelligence, an ongoing conversation and receptivity to the co-creative manifesting of your soul’s code, an invitation to be a co-creator?

How well do you relax into the present moment? How much awareness do you bring to knowing what this moment asks of you? Why do you trust what your heart tells you and not? How often do you cultivate the experience of compassion toward yourself and others? How engaged are you with awareness, creativity and intention for yourself, your environment and other sentient beings? Are you aware of your many fears? Do you challenge them, move through them, let them define you or melt them with love?

Do you trust the path of love in thought, word and action? How are you experiencing  joy these days? What types of experiences are you giving to others and drawing to yourself?  Is your inner artist being fed or starved? What observations do you have about your many selves? Today I have many more questions than answers because I’m questioning myself as I enter a new life trajectory. Parts of me are challenging my fears so I can grow and flow in more humble creative ways. Other parts want to play small and retreat from further engagement while other parts are mad, glad and sad.

My heart is telling me to align my small ego self, personality with my soul and move beyond my resistance to be more fully empowered and inwardly secure. I’m being asked to be receptive enough to awaken to my soulful presence. What if we’re a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul? What if the best is yet to come? What if our highest calling is right in front of us? What if everything bringing us to this moment is an invitation to become more of who we really are? What’s at risk to trust this truth,  feel it, bow in humble reverence to it, relax into it and live into its fullness? Hmm. . .

In these times of curiosity and chaos it seems imperative to listen deeply, to relax into a trusting open receptivity, to let our Higher Self help complete the task of discernment. This surrender transcends resistance, inviting whatever is necessary to complete the descent and begin the ascent to new ways of being and doing. It’s the way of creativity that allows the impossible to become possible, the unknown to become known.

In the process of writing and deep reflection on these questions over time, a change takes place within. It’s been happening to me over the days, weeks, months and years I’ve been in my own transition. There’s a broadening and deepening that expands our awareness of who we truly are rather than who we’ve been taught, conditioned and programmed to be. New insights, musings, promptings, creations and synchronous events from the outer reaches of inner space continue to expand as the previous resistance diminishes into greater receptivity. It’s an unfolding, a flowering of soul.

What is soul but the essence of who we are and were before we were born into what has been called the ‘earth school.’ It’s that which has been and will always be. It’s the guide, thought adjuster, divine seed, infinite presence that’s connected to the IAM, Logos, Tao, Whole, Ineffable One, All-Being, God, Pure Consciousness, Divine Intelligence. This Whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each part contains the Whole. The soul is our connecting link with this Whole and when given attention and awareness it’s our guide into the realm of soulful creativity and expansive awareness.

For many, all this is pure speculation. For others it’s heresy and for others it’s what’s known through experience. I’m not here to convince you of anything other than the reality of a benevolent something and ultimate mystery that has fascinated and prodded the imagination of humans for as long as we know. When we embrace nature, look into the eyes of a child or into the very depths of our own being there’s something that calls to us with a silent yet powerful energy. It invites our creative participation.

To be aware of this inner calling and respond to it is to move into a trans-rational reality. It’s living with a creative receptivity to the known, unknown, seen, unseen, visible and invisible energies that transform us lovingly, joyfully and peacefully. From this still, trusting, opening, presencing space comes the creativity that’s part of our human/divine design. Appreciatively we enter in and begin the journey of wholistic creativity that fulfills our destiny. We welcome the creative artists we were born to be . . .

  • Calm your mind and focus on the rhythm of your breathing again. Relax yourself into an open receptivity and let go of the resistance you’re experiencing in this moment. Relax your neck and your shoulders. Drop into your body and become aware of your heart space. Feel the flow and receptivity that’s here. Become aware of the size of the moment you want to ask about. Is it this hour, this day, this week, this month? When you have the moment in question ask: What does this moment ask of me? The answer will be simple, direct and inwardly expansive.
  • Sit with this answer and ponder its implications. What’s being given to you at the depth you seek? What does this require from you right now and as you proceed? Breathe into it and sit with it for as long as necessary. When you’re complete, open your eyes and journal what comes through you. Notice the expansion within and the new awareness you have concerning this moment. Give thanks and hold this close to your heart as you move through your day. Let this creative receptivity guide and embrace you as often as needed. Welcome Home . . .


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