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This past week I came across a book in my library that was written twenty six years ago and is for me more timely today than it was then. The title is Crazy Wisdom written by Wes ‘Scoop’ Nisker. It speaks to our arrogance in believing that we have the answers when we don’t even know the questions. It takes us on a romp through the holy fools, jesters, saints, and sages throughout history who have helped us find our True Selves to live more joyous childlike lives.

Quoting Wes: “Most of our problems are caused by our creating a separate identity and special importance for ourselves. Inevitably, once we set ourselves apart from the rest of creation, we are in conflict with it. Many distinctions and choices develop a tense, sometimes adversarial relationship with what is bigger than us and with what essentially is us.The illusion that we are separate is the root of our suffering.

What do you struggle with and what if you simply stopped struggling? Is it possible that the only struggle is to stop struggling? ? ?  Could it be that you can only find happiness when you stop looking for it . . . and how would it change your life if you truly knew that no one, including you is really in control and never will be . . . and what if one of the greatest things you could ever do is to shut your mouth, close your lips and say something that would change everything? What?

In our modern world we have so much of what’s been called the lower kinds of knowledge: factual, practical, scientific, philosophical, theological and mechanical which all relate to the five senses. This knowledge is very necessary for our physical well-being but when it’s the only knowledge we recognize, separation and division are created. It impedes our awareness of that which is beyond the five senses, beyond the world of space and time that we are also a part of.

The higher knowledge is that in which the knower and known are united directly, immediately, and intuitively rather than separated indirectly, over time, and logically. This direct perception is also a knowing through communion or a common union. It’s a unitive experience transcending logic and therefore can’t be explained. It’s like falling in love. How do you explain that and yet it exists. It’s like the ongoing love that’s experienced after falling into it that grows, matures and changes everything in it’s path. It’s the inner essence connecting and acknowledging itself.

Crazy wisdom is usually perceived as a threat to the powers that be, the institutions and people that claim to own the truth and deliver it to the people through persuasion, power and force. It’s the role of crazy wisdom to challenge the insanity of these established orders. An ancient elder gives us guidance:Either fly as far as you can from others, or else laughing at the world and the people who are in it, make yourself a fool in many things.” I’m choosing to laugh and make myself a holy fool in many things. How about you? Isn’t it time to enlighten up ? ? ?

  • The next time you want to criticize and complain; stop, look and listen to your crazy wisdom. Then laugh at yourself as you recognize how the joke’s on you . . . Huh? ? ? 
  • Rather than shake your head in disgust as you observe your many selves in others, smile and give thanks to them and yourself for recognizing your foolishness. Maybe even applaud loudly, hoot, holler and give everyone a high five or a fist bump…Are you laughing yet….For Real? ? ?

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