How do you like living in the world of duality? Does it work for you to perceive and act out of your either/or consciousness? Does it bring you love, joy, peace, harmony, and serenity or fear, sadness, anger, argument, and anxiety or some combination of both? Do you find yourself doing the things you don’t want and not doing the things you do want? Are you sometimes at war with yourself and others? Is it time for a change?

Contemplation is another word for non-dual or unitive consciousness. It sounds very esoteric and mystical to most. In actuality it’s simply letting go of your passing ego needs, which change from moment to moment, to let come the awareness of an inner peace that’s always here and now. A few minutes ago I was concerned about ‘getting it right’ because there has to be a right and wrong way to speak of these things, right?

What I’m listening to now, instead of my calculative mind, is the sound of crickets and tree bugs singing to me about vastness, expansiveness, and the wonder of the natural order. I’m letting go of my little ego self that thrives on intellectualization and calculation to let come my True Authentic God Self that thrives on quieter, expansive, simpler things. I’m aware of getting my little constricted self out of the way for a little while.

Through great love we are able to open our hearts. Somewhere along the way, we also experience great loss which opens our minds. We discover the dreams are not what they appear to be. Over time, these great awakenings lead us to the forgotten inner reality. We can no longer repress and deny the mystery of the unknown Self. We need a more holistic view so we journey inward to discover the forgotten riches.

Through contemplation we begin to dis-identify with the finite external reality to become more identified with the infinite inner realm. We’re drawn more to silence and solitude. Our creativity calls to us for greater attention. We begin to simplify and gradually embrace a unified field of both/and. The externals cease to fill our needs. We begin to reverse the flow of Life energy from outside/in to inside/out. Endings and beginnings become one. Success and failure become one. All paradox becomes a unity.

Take a moment right now and everyday from now on to stop…..and drop…..into your heart of hearts. Listen for the Voice of creativity, courage, love, joy, and peace. Listen for your deepest Self, your Infinite Self. When you get still and centered ask: ‘What does this moment ask of me?’ Listen as if your life depended on it. Gently stay with the moment until the answer appears. Be awake. It will be simple and clear. Now act.

This is the beginning of contemplation in action. It starts with Awareness and ends with Awareness again and again. Awaken to the inner dimensions of the Who that is You. Discover the journey that never ends. What does this moment ask of you? Make it so.

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