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Containment and Expansion

Jun 22, 2017 | Awareness | 0 comments

While pondering evolution, my attention drifts to the expansion of consciousness. Within this realm I begin to consider contraction which then directs me to containment. As I ponder containment I see seeds produced by a tree which contain the undetected miracle of life for new trees. Here we see the ongoing branching and expanding of this tree. Eventually the tree dies, decays and returns to the earth providing new humus for other trees thus forming a natural rhythm of life, growth, death and new life. It’s the natural order of things.

This wonderment takes me to human life that’s contained in the seventy trillion celled bodies we each inhabit. One cell from the male of the species unites with one cell from the female of the species to create an new being. Each one of us was contained in this mystery of the womb, earth and seeds to arrive whole in nine short months. We, like the tree live, grow, die and create new life. This life is created in containment which further creates ongoing expansion generation after generation. So, what’s the point?

The point is that containment creates expansion. This seems like a logical deduction but in our fast paced world we don’t seem to grasp this simple truth. Each of us contains the wisdom of the universe. The caterpillar contains the butterfly.The egg contains the chick.The seed contains the flower, the tree, the fish and on and on. Small beginnings create greater ends. What might you and I be containing that we are unaware of? What are the undiscovered elements in our seeds that are waiting to be birthed through us?

In this era of human life I’m asking what needs to be giving greater attention before we return to the earth and sky. Where’s the new branching and expanding that wants to take us to new heights, to create greater humus for those that are just beginning to sprout and those that are generating new seeds? The entelechy, the form giving cause to the seed that directs the vital processes is wanting to continually branch and expand within us. Are we responding appropriately? Are we containing what we contain while also expanding it?

Different than plants and other organisms, we humans have a consciousness that can choose where we grow, who and what we want to grow into and even how and why we want to live, grow, die and create new life. We are given a myriad of choices that we seem not to be aware of. As we become more aware of what we contain we can more readily choose what we want to expand. What are you containing, what are you expanding and why? What potentialities and possibilities are you cultivating? How are you optimizing your True Nature?

One of the most simple ways of expanding what you contain is to take on a practice of silence. To STOP all the harried activity and come home within: StillTrustOpenPresence. . . This very simple practice gives you access to your True Nature, your Essential Self which remains ever attentive to the impulse of expansion. The more you access this Inner Realm the deeper you DROP into the essence of what you contain:  DiscernRelaxObserveProcess. . . This activity is engaged internally. It offers a totally new perspective thus facilitating expansion.

As we experience containment and expansion as two ends of the same pole, a third awareness appears showing their integral connectivity. As this third element is awakened and embraced a fourth element is created, a new arising, a new way of being, belonging and becoming. This is the process that continues to unfold everyday as seeds drop into fertile soil, are warmed by the sun, watered by the rain, grow roots and seek light. This is the natural unfolding of all we contain and all we have to expand. Stop and Drop continually to awaken the new growth and flowering that’s wanting to birth. It’s Nature’s Way of containment and expansion into New Life.

  • Sit quietly today with your journal and reflect on all the beauty and wonder you contain and that you have revealed in the world. Journal it and feel the expansion that takes place . . .
  • Tomorrow, begin to ponder the vastness of what you still contain and how you might begin to release it into the world. Recognize how much a part of that which birthed you resides infinitely within you. Feel the expansiveness of this Infinite Birthing you are part of.
  • Write STOP in your journal with Still – Trust – Open – Presence, and engage the practice.
  • Write DROP in you journal with Discern – Relax – Observe – Process, and engage the practice.
  • Contain and Expand. Contain and Expand. Contain and Expand. Contain and expand. . .


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