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Compassion is Caring

Nov 18, 2020 | Awareness | 0 comments

In elections, like in any competition there are winners and losers. This is the binary or dualistic thinking we’re used to and the envelope most of us live within. There is however another way of thinking and behaving which is non dualistic. Here all decisions and actions are both/and rather than either/or. Here all decisions are both inclusive and exclusive, right and wrong, danger and opportunity. Here there’s a participatory interconnectivity that’s conscious.

In my experience, people who have been through great love and great loss somehow find their way to compassion and caring in new ways for themselves and others. Grief and love become the garden of compassion through a process of openness that allows pain to become a great ally in the cultivation of wisdom and caring. We are all imprinted, encoded and designed for love, compassion, joy, peacefulness and illumination. Living in these truths is transformational.

The Great American dream is for all people. It is a realization that we are one family. We are part of a holographic universe where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that same whole is in ever part. This is in contrast to the hierarchical image of being that places us all in some rank ordering from the lowest to the highest resulting in objectification and disconnection. When we truly know we are created equal and endowed with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we walk the road to honoring our gifts differing. 

From this perspective we come to understand that our similarities are much greater than our differences which eventually leads us to know that love, compassion and caring for each other is a necessity rather than a luxury. Without this deep understanding and greater awareness  we continue to divide, exploit and tear at the very fabric of our own highest good. In times of crisis we revert to exploiting the dangers and ignoring the opportunities. The choice is always ours.

As half our country is now crying and denying, the other half is celebrating and affirming the decision of electing a new president and commander in chief. Do you hear the inner call for more conscious reconciliation? Could a third force be a decision to take the high road of lovingkindness and care for one another as would a mother and child? Could this third force of bearing with, suffering with, participating with and caring with simply be called compassion?

Eric Hoffer has said that “Compassion is the anti-toxin of the soul: Where there is great compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless.” Therefore it is now our task, our duty as family to grow our awareness, to melt down our separation and reconcile ourselves one to the other. In this, we will more fully live into the American dream, honor our  Creator and embody our Soul’s code. In this, you will become the change you want to see.

  •  As you sit deeply within your soul, ask how you can heal the divisions in yourself and bring more compassion and care to those who have gifts differing from yours and act upon it today.
  • Feel the discord within your environment and find the harmony within that realigns that chord.
  • Today, awaken to compassion, live for peace and allow your heart to open to all who suffer. Respect the dignity of every human being for the next four years and see what happens.


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