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Co-Creating a New Reality

Jul 6, 2017 | Creative Self | 0 comments

What is reality but agreed upon observations from a particular vantage point. Now that I’m in the second half of life I’m questioning our concept of reality because it keeps changing. I’m thinking backward into the 1950’s and what it was like. There were no satellites, no cellular phones, no computers, no internet, no nuclear weapons or power plants, no ecological concerns, no global corporations, no equal rights, no disappearing middle class, no questioning authority, no inflation and so on.

Today all these things are accepted, embraced and being challenged as they impact  our quality of life and even our very survival. Over the past sixty years we seem to have created an entirely new reality from the proceeding ones in ways that we’re not giving much attention to. Is it possible for us to slow down enough at this stage of the journey to assess the values and benefits of our trajectories? Might the time be ripe to evaluate our individual and collective priorities for possible course corrections?

Every reality has it’s advocates and adversaries. Whether we look at religion, theology, spirituality, philosophy, education, physical, social and environmental sciences, architecture, the arts, sports, transportation, agriculture or whatever; there are realities within realities. In light of Einstein’s Relativity Theory, we’re all moving continually so reality can be different for each of us. The question for me and maybe for you is: What kind of reality do we want to create and can we agree to disagree within certain limits?

Since the end of the last World War it seems as if we’ve been creating new realities everywhere without much thought of intended and unintended consequences. As I peer through my looking glass it seems as if we, like undisciplined children discovered a new candy store and without reservation have been eating away as if there could be no consequences for us or the store. The global village is the store and we are the children who unconsciously keep chomping away at our own and the planet’s expense.

When is enough enough? I remember when religious and national holidays were for families, friends, relaxation and a respite from daily business activities. I  recall when stores were closed on Sundays and holidays so we the people could enjoy them. Today these same holidays are more about money, business, sales, frenetic activity, empty rhetoric and forgotten memories. We have the forms but the substance appears to be missing. We seem to have kept the shell of reality but the bird has flown away.

Could it be time for us all to realign with what’s essential rather than what’s expedient? Might it be appropriate to co-create a new reality that can satisfy our hungry hearts? Is it possible that here is the place and now is the time to practice a new co-creative art  to heal the planet and ourselves? Could this type of creative learning be a process where we’re all teachers and students no matter what our age? Have you noticed how creativity is intelligence having fun as Uncle Albert said and that it’s contagious?

What if creativity is about breaking out of established patterns, growing beyond what we think we know, taking risks, experimenting, making mistakes and having fun? What if, as J.F.K said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” Is it possible that we’ve come to a time in our lives where we can’t just sit back and expect someone else to make the differences in the world we long for? Could it be that the chaos we’re all experiencing is a clarion call for us to wake up and engage?

As I sit here at my desk in the affluence of the American dream, I’m listening to the call of Inner Being that keeps inviting me, urging me to find the courage to be a co-creator in ways I’ve yet to be. What if we’re all here together as limitless divine souls from another realm to co-create new realities that flow into life with wisdom, love, joy, freedom and peace? Could we work together for a common cause rather than applause, create to express rather than impress, find ways to relate rather than hate?

C.S. Lewis speaks to our heights and depths in the above quote. “You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” Just when we think it’s our time to retire, the message is sent and received that there’s no retirement, just transition. It’s said that ‘Without a vision, the people perish.’ It’s also said ‘When the world is in chaos elders are needed.’ The time is now for wise elders and all who see this vision to come together, to co-create a new reality that works for the whole and all the parts, heaven on earth.

Whether you’re seven, seventeen or seventy it might be time to re-evaluate your present and future trajectory because whether we like it or not, it’s time for evolution within and without. It’s time for new solutions, can there be any doubt? It’s time, right here, today, and we’re the ones to lead the way. What do you say? ? ?

  • If you choose to do so, make the time to write about this subject in your journal and see what insights come to you. Sit silently over the next week or so with questions of co-creation for yourself and the global community. Listen deeply for Inner Being.
  • If courage is a love affair with the unknown then it’s important to find fellow travelers to journey with. The day of lone rangers is over. To begin, find one or two other questers you can have this conversation with. It might begin with: If we were to help co-create a new reality for ourselves and the global community why and how would we want to do it? Bring others into the conversation and allow it to take on a life of its own . . .
  • As you walk through your days, note what new co-creative images come to you. Think globally, act locally and remember, little by little we accomplish much.


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