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It’s amazing in this century to read and hear scientists talk about prayer, soul, spirit and Divine Intelligence as necessary components of our life together. What if you would consider your inspirations and intentions as part of what is done within the context of prayer, meditation, and contemplation. How might this shift your ‘power over’ thinking’?

What if prayer was more than petition, intercession, confession, and thanksgiving? What if it was also a partnership with the Divine Intelligence of the Universe and an ongoing conversation and receptivity to the co-creative manifesting of the longings of your heart? What if Divine Intelligence is in the heart and readily accessible to you?

Can you relax into the present moment? How much awareness do you bring to knowing what this moment asks of you? Can you trust what your heart tells you? When do you allow yourself to experience compassion toward your fellow humans in spite of them?

How much engagement do you have with the power of compassion for yourself, your environment, and all other sentient beings? Are you aware of your fears and do you challenge them, move through them, or let them define you?

Do you trust that if you choose the path of love in thought, word, and deed that you will experience being loved by others because the choice of this path is also the choice of particular types of experiences? Do you trust that all roads lead Home?

Today I have more questions than answers because I’m questioning myself as I enter a new trajectory in my life journey. There are inner parts that are compassionately challenging my fears to move on in a more humble yet powerful way. There are also parts that simply want to play small and retreat from further engagement. You too? ? ?

What’s your heart telling you? Are you willing to align your personality with your soul and move toward the Light, fully empowered and inwardly secure? Can you become receptive enough to allow Divine Intelligence to awaken you to your soulful presence?

What if we’re a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul? What if the best is yet to come? What if our highest calling is right in front of us. What if everything that was has brought us to this moment to become Beings of Light for the world? What if we could trust the truth of this? Do you feel it? Can you relax into it? Yes, finally, I Can…

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