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For many, change and even success can be very disorienting. Strangely, many of us engaging this work of personal and cultural change are more scared that it will work than that it won’t. A couple reasons for this is that it requires learning significant new insights about ourselves and it also demonstrates that we are capable. This means taking more responsibility for our own circumstances in the ways of being and doing thus challenging our confidence and commitment.

If ‘change always represents the death of an old self and the birth of a new one’, it means stepping into the unknown. To enter the unknown means vulnerability and to be vulnerable is, for most of us, a place of fear because it’s been hurtful. Remaining ‘safe and secure’ seems to mean more to our old self than ‘vulnerable and transforming’ means to our new self. This creates inner conflict. How often have you experienced this and what happened in the end?

The linkage of failure and success is very important here because it puts us in what we consider a lose/lose situation. This inner pull to move forward, stay the same or move backward causes conflict thus increasing our tension and vulnerability. It invites claiming our upward call, our heart’s desire, our creativity and the creative energies of others. When you believe in your call to change and take the risk of creative action, trust in the unknown becomes essential.

Everything we do in this life builds upon itself and it’s impossible to know the ‘How’ of getting somewhere unknown. The simple decision to go, to follow the calling takes care of itself as we confidently move forward into the mystery. Every transition in my life started out in not knowing. What was necessary was the desire to take the journey and trust that it would work out for me no matter what.  A big part of the unknown was how much of me had to die to live into the new.

In moving forward it’s important to see ourselves and others in the clarity of compassion; to forgive ourselves and others for the fear and confusion that kept us stuck in old worn out patterns. Rather than harden our hearts, there’s a necessity to soften our hearts, open them and claim the Essence of who we truly are and align with the very Source of lovingkindness, joyful abundance and peaceful presence. This further enhances the able choice to renew . . .

Your claim to be a co-creator is built into your Soul. It’s part of your character and can be recovered by simply remembering who you truly are. James Hillman echoes ancient wisdom as he speaks of the “acorn theory” which holds that ‘each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived and that is already present before it can be lived.’ Each person enters the world called. How does this sit with you? How are you living your uniqueness, genius and destiny?

  • Inhale and exhale three long deep breathes and surrender to your heart’s desire. Ask ‘What is my heart/soul asking of me?‘ Stay with this until you ‘feel‘ an answer to your Be-longing . . . 
  • Observe your inner chatter and calmly following your breath. Allow your inner eye to visualize your pathway of surrender to the change that’s inviting you to your Calling. Be still and know.

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