Fortunately we live in a time of deep ecumenism. This means we’re coming to realize that we’re a global community with much to learn from each other. We of the West are finally turning to the East for learning and understanding while the same is happening from the East to the West. Buddha wisdom is Christ wisdom is Universal wisdom.

What follows in italics is a transliteration of Buddha‘ message to his followers through Lynn Twist and myself. When the truth is Truth, it speaks to all people. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest these words for all ages. We need them now more than ever.

Whatever you chose to give your attention to; your love, your appreciation, your listening, and your affirmation will grow in your life and in your world. Your life and the world are a garden – a garden that calls for sunlight, nourishment and water to grow. In this garden are the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, love, commitment, courage and all the qualities that affirm and inspire Life.

Along side those seeds and in the same garden are the seeds of hatred, the seeds of prejudice, the seeds of vengeance, the seeds of violence, and all the other hurtful, destructive ways of being. These seeds and many more like them exist in the same garden. The seeds that grow are the seeds you tend with your attention.

Your attention is like water and sunshine upon these seeds. If you choose to invest your attention in the seeds of scarcity – acquisition, accumulation, greed, and all that springs from those seeds – then scarcity is what will fill the space of your life and the space of your world.

If you tend the seeds of sufficiency with your attention and use your heart, mind and money like water to nourish them with soulful purpose, then you will enjoy that bountiful harvest. In the fertile soil of your appreciation, new possibilities take root and grow without limit in the lasting light of your attention.

Where do you put the light of your attention? Is it on the seeds of compassion, courage, love, forgiveness, affirmation and inspiration or on the seeds of anxiety, fear, guilt, indifference, blame and despair? Do you see beauty in your garden or something less than? Maybe, if you’re like me, you see all these seeds growing in various stages.

If so, are you willing to practice Self Remembering and self observation: remembering who you are and who you’re not? Place your attention on the best of what’s in the garden and let the rest dry out. Remember, where you focus the daily food of water and light is what grows in your Life. It’s up to you, no one else. It’s your Response-Ability….

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