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February Flow

Might the month of February be the shortest month because it’s the month that teaches the most in a form that’s condensed?

Add More Love

I invite you to join with me in this conspiracy of love on a daily basis; to create the color of winter in your imagination with the color and textures of Love

Reverence for Life?

Are you willing to boldly venture out into the cold, beyond your comfort zone to experience a new reverence, awe and aliveness; a new comfort zone?

Winter’s Promise

Winter’s promise is a slow down, a respite from the hustle of life, an opportunity for contemplative artistry, presence, surprise and delight.

Christmas Presence

This Presence is beyond thoughts, words and good intentions. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of a lifetime here and now.

Winter Solstice Wonders

The Winter Solstice is a time of endings and beginnings that invite us to stop, look, listen and wonder about our life here on earth.

Welcome December!

To welcome December is to open to the amazing transformation that takes place in Winter.

The Wonder of Winter

The wonder of winter for me is how the inner and outer landscapes seem to reflect one another.

November Passage

These are the seasons we live without soul, without the inner knowing of what’s happening in our thoughts, feelings, physical relations and deepest spiritual needs.

Soulful Thanks-Giving-Receiving

The seasons of receiving, giving and thanks are not just for what we think we know. Rather, they are for thanks, giving and receiving what we don’t know and in this not knowing, can come to know.

November Blessings

We observe this day to give thanks for everything. It’s a stark reminder that when we continually count our blessings, our whole life changes and rearranges.

November News

November ushers us to the close of the earlier seasons while opening us to another series thus placing us on the perpetual wheel of fortune.

Autumn Interludes

As we awaken to the last month of Autumn, let us be aware of the death and dying that leads to new life.

Harvest Reflections

It helped me realize that Life goes on with us and without us; that every harvest is filled with beginnings and endings, permanence and impermanence.

The Art of Autumn Awareness

The experiences of Autumn teach us about letting go to let come, about the ever present cycles of nature that help us belong.

Autumn Mystery

For many of us, Autumn is a time of mystery as we watch the leaves turn colors, drop from their trees and create humus for new growth.

October Awakening

Autumn takes on the beauty of all the seasons, brings us truth in the October skies and alerts us in our reflections to be wise.