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October Awakening

Autumn takes on the beauty of all the seasons, brings us truth in the October skies and alerts us in our reflections to be wise.

Autumn Grace

The season of Autumn teaches us about letting go, letting be and celebrating the gift of being free to shed all that’s no longer necessary.

Daily Dancing

The passive energy of soul can transcend and include the active ego energy while transforming and reconciling it to a new dance.

Relax – Reflect – Renew

We humans are an integral part of every season’s enduring message of renewal and have been even before we discovered fire.

Sweet September

September, when in the Northern Hemisphere Mother Nature transforms the landscape with cool air and abundant harvests of change that remind us of the cyclical and flowing nature of our lives.

Summer Rains

As Labor Day rapidly approaches and Summer rains turn to Autumn leaves; the days grow shorter while the nights grow longer.

Summer Wonder

Might the wonder of summer simply be the amazing variety of emotions and events that can happen when it’s warm and relaxed?

A Season of Opportunity?

The new season of opportunity is always here and now. There’s always something more expansive to learn, another insight to perceive and contemplate, another dream to be dreamed.

Elevation Education

Elevation education is awakening to the passion of ongoing living, loving, laughing, learning and lightening up.

Presence as Process

The transformation begins here and now with every breath and heartbeat, every awareness of our presence and process, every thought, word and action.

The Alchemy of Reverence

In alchemy, the key ingredient for this ongoing transformation is reverence. The more attention and awareness we give to the sacredness of Life the more we belong to and become an integrating part of it.“

Wholeness and Understanding

Rather than rejecting and denying portions of our own being, seeking some kind of illusory perfection, wholeness integrates the contraries.

Feeling Our Way Home

Mystics and visionaries have engaged this spiritual depth of the interior universe for millennia and through it, slowly felt their way Home.

Acceptance and Rejection

It’s been a revelation of waking up to the latent ‘power within’ and how our lives are now essential to create a new acceptance for the ‘other’ in us all.

Wholeness and Consumerism

Where’s the wholeness which embraces brokenness as an integral part of life? Where’s our compassion for the the poor, sick, hungry and least of our fellow sojourners?

Turn and Listen

I again began to listen to the whispers of my heart which led me into places I never imagined and taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn.

Calm and Center?

Each time we failed each other I had to stop, drop my agendas, calm and center within, then patiently continue the friendly game.

It’s up to YOU!

Practice Self Remembering. Become more and more aware of who you Truly are. Transcend, include and embrace all of it.