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I had an experience this morning that was out of the ordinary. It was extraordinary and I no longer take that word and what it points to as anything less than awe-full or if that’s too overwhelming, awe-some. I stepped into a space in my early morning meditations that brought tears to my eyes and expanded my heart. Within this aura I slowly walked around my study touching everything I had on the walls, desk and shelves. I realized I was walking through my whole life trajectory recognizing all the impossible blessings that had been given to me.

My heart and soul opened to a reverence and deep peace that surrounded everything I touched, everything I sensed, everything I remembered, everything I was. The room was filled with harmony, bliss, joy, comfort, tranquility, calm hope, balance, serenity, love, inspiration, purity, quiet, kindness, friendliness, clarity, stillness, heaven, earth, relaxation, rest, sublime soothing and beauty. I couldn’t speak but I could give and receive Life’s blessings in everything I saw and touched. Blessing became REAL. If this sounds ‘over the top,’ it was.

What is the impossible?  Isn’t it simply the thoughts we’ve been fed and keep thinking long enough to make them a belief? Before Tesla and Edison people thought it was impossible to direct energy from the atmosphere into a container to create light. A few hundred thousand years before that our ancient ancestors thought it impossible to create and contain fire. In the twentieth century it was thought to be impossible to smash an atom or create nuclear fission, find a cure for polio, send people to the moon and back or elect an African-American president.

Think back over the past fifty years at what we thought impossible and what is now possible. Ponder the vast evolution in electronic technology, globalization, depletion of natural resources, radical changes in social mores and values, extinction of species, changing geopolitical alliances, inclusiveness and the list goes on. Each impossibility that becomes possible is an expansion of what we don’t want and what we do want. The contrast brings greater clarity to the best of what we do want so we can attract and eventually manifest it. Isn’t that a blessing?

Each time you make a mis-take and recognize it you can learn from it. Every time you fail and learn from it you can become a little wiser and expand your awareness. Isn’t life simply an experiment that calls for blessing all that happens even when it’s difficult and painful? Isn’t looking for the silver lining in everything a way to find it? Isn’t seeing the glass half full and giving thanks a prelude to more water because you’ll work for it, value it, want more of it and eventually find it? Each crisis/difficulty leads to danger or opportunity.The choice is always ours.

What I’ve come to know is that our heart is our brain, our head is our processor and our body  and environment is our mind. This makes what we think in our head simply a space to put ‘stuff’ for further enlightenment. The mystery of the impossible is multilayered and pregnant with meaning and purpose. It never totally admits to closure or resolution. It blesses possibilities.

  • Sit quietly. Open your heart and search your processor for all of what you thought was impossible that became possible. Notice how it changed you. Breathe in further openness.
  • Look gently into your heart and become aware of what you’d truly like to make possible. Take small intentional steps toward it daily for the next ninety days blessing each step.
  • Feel the blessing in everything that crosses your path today and experience the wonder of it.

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