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Beyond Belief

Apr 11, 2018 | Belief | 0 comments

I’ve heard many people say: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Rarely have I heard someone say: “I’ll see it when I believe it.” In the first half of life, we mostly live out of the beliefs we were programmed with from birth. These beliefs take up residence in our subconscious mind which means we aren’t aware of them; we  act unconsciously. Through great love, compassion, and great loss, suffering, we can ‘wake up’ to our conditioning. Through this ‘awakening’ we begin to observe our thoughts, words, and actions. We also begin to remember who we truly are in our Essence.

Through a process of self observation and Self Remembering, we begin over time to notice what works and what doesn’t work in our lives. We also begin to notice how there’s something deep within that acts as a guidance system when we listen and follow it. We begin to transcend our programmed beliefs while also including them through a process of discernment taking place in our self reflection and awareness. This moves us beyond fearful, controlling, dualistic beliefs into new ways of seeing and being.

The early belief system and it’s controlling features is called the persona, the ego, the personality. We learn how to use it to our advantage and it becomes who we think we are. After the age of six or seven, the personality is well anchored and continues to grow through it’s relations with various forces well into mid-life and beyond.  Many of us never move beyond these first beliefs which control our lives and conflict with the lives of others. The dualistic mind of our ego is a controller not an integrator.

Beyond these formative beliefs which we continue to justify, there’s a vast invisible field of energy that connects all people, intentions and thoughts as well as every animate and inanimate form of matter for all time. We can’t see it because it’s invisible and also because we don’t believe it exists. Our conditioning taught us to believe  only what we could see so anything that is not seen, materialized, we don’t believe. To transcend these beliefs is to energetically see through the forms into the substance; to discover the wonder of Life that mystics and artists have known and taught for millennia.

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and sensed a dark negative energy?  How did you respond and why? Do you shy away from strangers who you believe are inferior or superior to you? If you have a belief that young people or old people have nothing to offer, do you ignore them, look down on them? Do you see where we’re going with this? What you believe you perceive. It’s part of the conditioning and it has a particular energy that’s kinesthetic. Our beliefs influence every cell in our bodies through positive and negative emotional responses known and unknown, visible and invisible.

To move beyond our beliefs is to wake up to who we are and who we’re not. It’s getting in touch with the unconscious programs that cause fear, anger, alienation and disconnection. It’s awakening to our interconnected soul Self that encompasses and suffuses each of us and the whole of creation. This soul consciousness is holistic and nondual. It ushers us from resistance to receptivity, alienation to appreciation, control to compassion. It expands our awareness and transcends our differences while including them. It melts down the walls of oppression and transforms our fears to love.

In letting go of our old conditioned beliefs, we put everything we think we know on a shelf for further enlightenment which is an individuating evolutionary strategy. By so doing, we come to know that the more we know we don’t know, the more we can come to know. In moving from dualistic, rational, five sensory culturally conditioned beliefs, we move to nondual, transrational, multisensory and kinesthetic ways of being, belonging and becoming. Here heaven and earth converge and New Being is birthed.

  • Reflect on the beliefs you find yourself justifying. Notice the aggressive defensiveness that comes as you observe this behavior. Feel the constrictive nature of your being as your emotions escalate their force. Become aware of your lack of love and kindness.
  • Now relax, release, and realign with a more loving companion presence for yourself and others. Take a few deep breaths, drop your shoulders and let go of the fright and fight. Allow this letting go process to take place with every exhale. Feel the constriction in your heart, the anxiety in your gut, the justification in your head and breathe it out; relax, release and realign. Let go to let come. Surrender to love. . .
  • Expand your perspective. Zoom in to the top of a mountain and place the belief or beliefs there on a shelf for further enlightenment. Trust that they will expand as you give them space. Reflect on the possibilities that you are larger than the smallness of any particular perspective. Look out over the valley and see how different it looks from the top of this mountain. Leave the beliefs and return to the valley. Become aware of the perspective from this vantage point. Ponder an ever expanding awareness. . .
  • Each day work/play at stretching your horizons. Open to expanding potentialities and possibilities. Feel them with your whole body, with kinesthetic knowing/not knowing. Feel the expansiveness of the moment, the space that you’re in and that’s in you. Give thanks and appreciate what is and what can be. Feel the sacred unity of everything. Feel the expansiveness of Inner Being. Move from justification to joyful reverence. . .


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