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I’ve been sitting with questions about belief for a very long time. These questions have taken me on a journey of discovery that I’m still on. One of the questions that continues to haunt me is: Why do so many people settle for limited unquestioning belief systems that keep them stuck in the muck of an unexamined ho hum life? How do people get up everyday and go to jobs that are mechanical, unfulfilling, and mind numbing?

How does the propaganda that pours forth from the pulpits of American civil religion, business, and politics get processed so easily without debate? What are we thinking when we wave our flags and tell each other how great we are when we have no idea of the deceptions going on behind closed doors? How can we continue to buy the money changers spin on reality without questioning their practices and accountabilities?

I can’t speak for all people. I can only speak for myself and those who have confided in me as a trusted advisor. I believe the reason we let go of our personal dreams and buy into the cultural norms is that we believe in them more than in ourselves. When we lose the connection with our ground of Being, the Infinite Self that empowers us, we follow the herd. We chose to fit in, not stand on our own, not ask the difficult questions.

Belief in yourself, your abilities and your unique capacities is a significant beginning in reclaiming the power of your Authentic Self. You are powerful beyond your limited beliefs. You are creative in ways you don’t yet know. As a human/divine being, you can claim your heritage anytime. Life is not meant to be a struggle. It’s not meant to be lived with resistance. It’s meant to be lived consciously, abundantly, and creatively. Agree?

Awareness and belief that you are a significant part of the Infinite power of the universe is a necessary prelude to knowing that whatever you create will be for your highest good. Have you experienced this? What’s your relationship with your Authentic Self, your Infinite Self, your flowing and knowing God Self? Do you feel and embrace the peaceful prosperous power inviting you into a new way of being and doing? Can you believe and know the reality of a Benevolent Something and start with a smiling heart?

If you will, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize yourself radiating a subtle glow of soft golden light. Shake your hands in the air for a few moments, stop, rest,  and feel the flow of energy in your finger tips. Take a deep breath, gently relax and release. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, feel the silent universal pulse with each heart beat. Let your belief turn to knowing and not knowing. Return to this space repeatedly.

When you awaken your awareness, your knowing and growing, your believing becomes your receiving and achieving. Let go of all the beliefs that are not affirming, trustworthy, and enlivening. Let come the ones that are, the ones that know who you really  are. . .


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