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I’ve been sitting with questions about belief for a very long time. These questions have taken me on a journey of discovery that I’m still on. Brother David Steindl-Rast reminds us that “I believe means I give my heart to this.” Abraham Hicks tells us that “A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.” Between these two statements there’s an intriguing paradox. When I say I believe, it feels passive and mental like something I’ve been taught or come to know through my limited perceptions. When I give my heart to something it feels active, more engaging and expansive.

What if these two ways of defining belief compliment one another rather than deny one another?  From my inner perspective, going to the heart changes what I’m saying. When I say “I believe in you” it feels amazingly different than “I give my heart to you.” Take a moment and think about three things you believe and say them one by one out loud to yourself: “I believe in  . . . “ Now take these same three things you believe and say “I give my heart to . . .” Do you notice a difference in the thoughts and feelings? What are you sensing about this?

When I go to my heart I feel connected to a vast Benevolent Something that resides inside, outside and flows through me, everybody and everything. In a visceral way it seems to connect me with the Infinite Self, the Source that we’re all a part of. The beliefs I speak of however don’t resonate with me that way. How about you? What I’m wanting to postulate is that this paradox points to two different kinds of awareness. One is deep, active and internal while the other is more shallow, passive and external. I notice this both in myself and others. Do you?

Do you believe in yourself, your abilities, your enough-ness, your failures, your successes, your intelligence, your courage, your uniques capacities, your inspirations, your wisdom, your love, your compassion, your infinite power, your connectedness to the Divine, your goodness and your immortality? Do you give your heart to all these in ways that have and continue to transform your thoughts, words, feelings and actions?  Do you believe that you are creative in ways you don’t yet know? Do you give your heart to the easy flow of life?

To make the point again, slowly re-read the last paragraph and go through all the attributes while giving your heart to each of them. Register the experience to see how belief and awareness are connected. To have the awareness and experience in both ways we’re exploring can help you know what a significant part of the Infinite universe’s power you are. It can affirm that whatever you create from your Inner Being will be for your highest good. Feel this inner change of awareness and new way of becoming through your heart.

I believe that by giving through your heart you will move beyond your limiting beliefs. I believe  you are a spiritual being living a human life who can claim your heritage anytime. I believe that you are so much more than you appear to be and can know this by giving your heart to it everyday. I believe you can give your heart to your inner longings, your family, your friends, your so called enemies, your abundance, your job, your inner peace and any other person, place, situation or thing you want because there is no limit to your Heart Love. This is my ever present and ongoing belief. Thus, I give my heart to you for all of it forever. Will you?

  • Once you believe in yourself, your heart, you can risk curiosity, wonder and spontaneous delight. Today and everyday drop into your heart-space and be curious about everything. Also practice wonderment and delight in what can be. Notice how this informs the beliefs that have been and are becoming . . .
  • Your life will be as good as you allow it to be so practice giving goodness, kindness, love, joy and peace to yourself today. Become aware of how this influences your perceptions of others and what beliefs it affirms and denies . . . 
  • Before you go to sleep tonight and every night for thirty days, give thanks for three things that happened in your day. It’s a very simple practice. Give your heart to it. Rest in it . Easy does it.

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