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When I first read Herman Hesse back in the sixties a whole new world was opening for me and millions of others. It was as if we woke up one morning and the veil between Being and Becoming had been torn from top to bottom. There were messages being sent from unknown places and spaces that encouraged and inspired new ways of seeing, being and becoming. An invitation was being sent to awaken us from unconsciously evolving to consciously being part of the process. Being and Becoming were uniting as never before in an expansive movement.

The above quote from Herman Hesse points us to a reality that lives in all of Life. We call it Being, which in formlessness is in a perpetual process of Becoming. Think of a flower. It comes to Be through the seed, the sun, the rain, the soil, the pollen and an invisible Life Force that becomes visible in it’s flowering. The Being-ness manifests into form by becoming what it is. This Is-ness, IAm-ness, Entelechy, Source Energy, Creation, God, Spirit, Essence and countless other names, infinitely moves from Being to perpetual Becoming again and again.

Awakening to and appreciating who you truly are as a Human/Divine Being inspires and activates participatory relations with the world of form and formlessness. It’s a process of living into our fullest potentialities and possibilities. The Life Force in the might oak tree is invisibly hidden in the seed encased by the shell of the acorn. Each of us has a seed of Infinite Life within us that awaits the proper conditions to grow, change and rearrange. It’s the silent and invisible Essence in every organism that inspires and enlivens it to Be and Become what it is.

At each stage of human history the silent evolutionary pulse of the cosmos has brought us to new levels of understanding and accomplishment. The Entelechy, Essence, Soul continues this process. The archaic, magical, mythical and rational stages of human development have evolved over millions of years. From these stages of basic survival, tribal cooperation and rational thought come the next stage which is unitive, non-dual. Here, all apparent opposites are reconciled, transcended and included. Here, our Becoming more fully touches our Being.

As we become more conscious, more aware of our own evolutionary trajectory, we begin to realize how many of our thoughts, words, and actions are un-becoming. We begin to see how they’ve come from the previous stages of development that lack the necessary levels of energy to draw us forward into the next stage. We begin to recognize an inner Be-longing drawing us into greater awareness, affluence, appreciation, balance and becoming. The more aware we become of our Be-longing, the more we feel the draw of our Be-coming and the more we come to Be. It’s part of the Generative Operating Design. It’s innate, participatory and interconnected.

We are presently at another tipping point in human history. The voice of perpetual Becoming is asking us to grow into a greater fullness of who we’ve been created to be. We can unconsciously regress and consciously progress as we choose. To embrace significant change at this time is to awaken to our part in the divine unfolding of this new consciousness that has been modeled by the few throughout the ages. We create the path by living into it. The time is now. The place is here. The Source of Life is always near. What are you becoming? Is it clear?

  • Open some time today and everyday to breathe deeply into the Who That Is Truly You. Find a quiet space to relax, reconnect and realign with the loving companion Presence that lives within, around and flows through you. There’s no need to say anything. Simply be still with this soulful presence and appreciate the Being you are. . .
  • As you Remember to Remember who you truly are, see that very Being reflected in everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, intuit and imagine. Become aware of the energy field that you are and notice what you attract and repel. Feel the calmness of the moment and lean into it. Put your thumb and index finger together on both hands and feel the silent pulse of Life drawing you to a higher level of Being by simply Becoming awake and present in the moment.
  • Listen silently to the river of Life in the country and in the city. Listen to the noise and the haste, the nervousness of the chase and behind it all, the grace of a cosmic embrace. . .
  • Find Herman Hesse’s masterpiece Siddhartha. Spend time reading, marking, learning and inwardly digesting this story of Being and Becoming. Allow it to be their story and your story. Allow it help you feel the river of Life so you can more fully embrace, enter in and enjoy it’s flow. Be and Become more awake to the Who That’s Infinitely You. Smile and dance awhile. .

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