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Beginning With Optimism

Feb 23, 2017 | Awareness | 1 comment

No matter where you are in life, now is the time for optimism. In choosing to enter into this inner realm of being you will become larger, stronger, more playful and more free. Tapping into the ever present spring of your inner Source will allow you to focus on the positive qualities of life and so, it’s always time to begin with optimism wherever you go. What this means is you simply have to become more aware of your inner workings.

The past few days for me did not begin with optimism. For reasons I’m still processing I began with pessimism. In the beginning of this malady I wanted to fight the depressed state but as indifference set in I decided to let it be and see how I could live with it and what it might have to teach me. Today I woke up with a different outlook and a desire to reconnect with my usual optimistic outlook by relaxing further into it.

My Inner Being encouraged me to step up with an intent to be open, allowing, trusting and willing to embrace an optimistic perspective. I spent the first two hours of the morning with this new directive, drove to a meeting and checked in with openness, trust and optimism. This emerging energy opened the door into the rest of the day. New awakenings and opportunity appeared which expanded and strengthened my intention.

As the day continued to open up, so did the possibilities and potentialities. I discovered resources I didn’t know existed, had conversations that were inspiring and vowed to give greater care to myself and my associates. I again made up my mind to be happy, to be more open and vulnerable with others and give more attention to the well-being that can be  a part of everyday living when I commit to begin with optimism.

We have to learn repeatedly how to be a beginner, casting aside what takes us down and taking on what can lift us up. It’s about taping into our young heart, the clear heart of discernment and the smiling heart of inspired optimist. It’s a matter of awareness, attention and intention. It’s a matter of willingness to see what’s within and make the choice to enlighten up. Optimism is part of our Essence. It’s the beginning we all might want to mindfully embrace everyday for the rest of our lives. What do you say?

  • Check your pulse to see where you are emotionally. If you’re not at least in the state of Encouragement, Affirmation, Empowerment, and Permitting you might want to readjust your Life-View……..Envision what you can give thanks for in the moment and move forward from there. What can you appreciate here and now? Expand it . . . .

  • If in the above exercise you didn’t find anything to appreciate or give thanks for give yourself permission to sit quietly in your funk and listen to what it might be saying to you. Stay with it and embrace it. There’s something valuable here for you. Slowly breathe in a calming sense of lovingkindness for yourself and relax into each breathe.

1 Comment

  1. Pat

    We read to know we are not alone and so often you speak so directly to my wounded heart. Bless you for your diligence and allowing God to work through your thoughts. You often calm my spirit be it in the middle of the night or a stormy day.


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