In nineteen eighty three the book Original Blessing by Matthew Fox was published. At that time it was considered revolutionary because it challenged the ‘Control Culture’ idea of ‘original sin.’ Today, in our more ‘Integral Culture’ it’s considered evolutionary because it calls us to awaken to the interconnectivity and interdependence of all creation. It challenges us to wake up from the dominant hierarchical paradigm of command and control to the more wholistic paradigm of compassion and collaboration. It asks us to befriend blessing, compassion and the whole of Life.

What images come to mind when you think of blessing? Do you see activity, growth, aliveness, imagination, sensitivity, awareness, compassion, joy, flowing creative energy or something else? What I’ve come to know and understand is that what we consider ‘Blessing’ is a modified and diminished version of it’s original power due to the cultural conditioning of the past. What has been taught over the centuries in Western culture is a shadow of our original blessing we call Life. Blessing involves integral and intimate relationships. It’s about life, love and joy.

It’s said that in the beginning was the Word, the Logos, the Dabhar, the Tao, the Divine Creative Energy of Life and it was with God and was God and through it all things came to be. This ever present energy is always flowing, flowering, creating, greening, enlivening and enlightening. It is the original blessing of Life and continues into infinity. Creation is therefore vast and so are we. We are in it and it is in us and beyond us. It is the blessing we are and when we’re awake to it, present with it and allow it to flow in, around and through us we graciously pass it on.

Stop for a moment and close your eyes. With each breath envision a life giving energy coming into your body, mind, heart, and soul. Feel the Life it brings. Awaken to the power that is given and received. Feel the Blessing, the Aliveness, the Anointing, the Significance, the Awe that touches every cell of your being and that of all sentient and non sentient beings. Awaken to the ongoing relationship with this silent living Word, Logos, Dabar, Tao, Divine Creative Energy of Life. Feel this blessing flow in the Ruah de Cucha, Breath of Life, for the whole of creation.

In the act of ‘true blessing’ there’s a transfer of energy. There’s a giving and receiving at the physical, subtle and causal levels of being. The more receptive we are to these energies the more we feel and consciously experience them. Presently I’m listening to and experiencing what I lovingly call ‘space music.’ I’m on the Aeoliah Radio channel of Pandora listening to ‘Ascent’ by Brian Eno. I’m feeling the music as subtle energy permeating the universe. I’m experiencing a sense of Blessing for you, for me and for the whole of creation in this moment.

I know this sounds crazy and it is to those who don’t allow themselves to sit in this ‘receptive mode’ of Being. However, we all experience Blessing in some way, shape and form from time to time. What I’m suggesting is that Blessing is always present even when we’re not. Our task or practice is to wake up to the blessings that are everywhere no matter what our ego mind is trying to control and discount. What would happen for you if you’d simply count each breath as a blessing? What if you’d count each movement as a blessing, each sight, sound, taste, smell?

There will come a time when you won’t be able to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, speak, move or even have a physical body. What then? Will you long for the blessing of physicality? Will you lament that you didn’t give attention to the very things you asked for and received in this physical reality? Will you regret all the time you spent complaining rather than enjoying? Will you wish you’d taken more risks, experienced more life, loved more, laughed and played more, given more life to Life? What are the blessings you have right here, now? Can you count them?

Embrace them, give thanks for them, recognize that life is for living, for enjoying, for playing, creating, singing, dancing, romancing and celebrating with thanksgiving. Do you hear, feel, sense what I’m saying here? Do you recognize the enormity of the blessings that you have, don’t recognize or simply take for granted? Can you rejoice and be glad in everything that happens to you? Can you see through the foolishness of control into the wisdom of affluence and abundance in Life? Are you willing to awaken to the blessings that are always here?

Ola Kala, OK, I’m done with my joyful romp through the wonder of it all and am back to being calm and centered. Let’s slow way down, stop and drop into the depth of our breathing again. Let’s re-awaken to the blessing that’s right here in this moment. Let’s again let go of all the resistance and simply be receptive to the blessing of breathing, reading, and wondering. Yes, take a deep breathe. Feel the beat of your heart. Accept this moment of life giving peace. Stay with it awhile longer. Inner Being, Inner Peace, Inner Thanksgiving, Life Energy, Inner Blessing.

Blessing truly is the basic power of Life. It lets us know that we’re all part of something greater than our separate ego selves. It helps us know that we are not two, not divided, not separate but one, united, connected, mirrors and teachers one to the other. The other day I was having some  difficulty with another person who continually challenged and tried to control me. As I reflected on our ongoing interaction I realized that this person was my master teacher. I began to see what a blessing this was to me and what a gift I was receiving. It awakened my heart space.

When we awaken enough to see everything as blessing, befriending all that crosses our path, our lives become more appreciative, more affluent, more abundant, more loving, more friendly. So, as you find yourself counting your judgements, stop, drop, and count your blessings. This life is so very short. Why not celebrate it and live into the infinite flow of creative energy that animates all of Life. Why not see everyone as a teacher who is giving comfort and contrast to help you enlighten up? Why not Befriend the Blessing You Are, that Is,  and be more fully alive?

  • Take the time and make the space today to sit down with your journal. Begin by lining out four sections and label them: Mental – Emotional – Physical – Spiritual. Under each category list all the blessings you can recall that have been in your life and are now in your life. Do this as an awareness exercise, as a blessing exercise for you and all your relations.
  • Go back over the list and note which ones were blessings given by you and which ones were blessings received by you. When you’re finished, sit for a long moment and feel the energy of these blessings. Notice the quality of the flow in the receiving and the giving. Feel it deeply.
  • Now return to the Breath of Life and simply breathe in the blessing of this life, at this time, in this space. Feel the gratitude, the appreciation for this life. Become aware of the fragility and shortness of this life and bless your Self for being here. Recognize the life blessing deep within and feel the depth of appreciation and creativity. Acknowledge the gift of receiving and giving blessing and remember to Befriend Blessing all ways and everywhere . . .

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