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Decades ago a mentor told me the secret to good communication was to be brief, be bright, and be gone. I pondered his words for a time but didn’t follow his advice. In the past few months, however, these words have come back again to speak their wisdom. In so doing, I’ve noticed my repetitive stories and fixed ideas. I’ve also noticed how I want to let them go, be still, empty out the old, and awaken to something new.

I wonder about the armor we all wear and how we think it keeps us safe. I wonder about the freedom we all seek and how we sabotage it through our fixed ideas and lack of flexibility. I wonder who I’d be without all the words I seem to want and think I need to speak and write. I wonder about the times long ago when this wasn’t true.

Do you notice the repetitive stories and fixed ideas about yourself and others? Do you ever wonder who you’d be without these thoughts? Do you ever notice how you react when you think these thoughts? Do you ever question the truth of your stories and ideas or just accept them without investigation? What would you have to lose if you listened to the stories and ideas with an inquiring mind? How would it change your world?

I’m working on quieting my mind and my mouth; at inquiring into the truth and falsity of my pronouncements and all the shoulds, musts, oughts, and have tos. I’m questioning who I am, where I’m going, why I’m here, and pondering my purpose, passion, patience, and persistence. I’m letting my armor fall apart and listening for insight in silence and not knowing. Letting go? Inquiring? Emptying? Hmm? What’s up for you?

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