What if your primary intention in life was to feel and express goodness and joy? Would it mean you’d have to be fun, playful, smile a lot, laugh at yourself and look for reasons to appreciate everything no matter what?  Would it also mean you’d feel love and blessing all the time and expect good things to flow from and to you?  Could it also mean that you’d have to see the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty and you’d want to stop complaining, being a victim, not enough, isolated,  fearful, demanding and terminally adult? What do you really want?

Remember the Space shot in nineteen sixty-nine and the years of preparation it took to fire the rocket that sent the crew to the Moon? I was startled to find out that from the time of the launch to the recovery at sea the ground and flight crews were in course correction ninety-five percent of the time. Imagine that and connect it to your life journey. How much time do you spend in course correction? How necessary is it for you to maintain your connection to your Inner Being to establish the aligning trajectory and balance in your life for a successful mission?

I was talking with an old friend recently about her loss of short term memory. She told me about a trip to the store to buy some blue ribbon to wrap a birthday present with. When she got into the store she wandered around, eventually picked up a birthday card, paid for it and returned to the car where her partner was waiting. He looked in the small shopping bag and asked: “Where’s the blue ribbon?” She replied, “What blue ribbon?” “The blue ribbon you went in the store to buy.” “Oh,” she replied, “Is that why I went into the store?” They looked at each other in amazement and finally broke out together in boisterous laughter.

She was laughing while telling me the story and I couldn’t help but laugh with her. Her course correction and alignment for greater balance with short term memory loss was laughter. It worked for her and her partner. It also worked for me. It was the best conversation of my day as I was able to allow her the gift of joy in spite of the circumstances. What is this saying to you? How aware are you of the changes taking place in your life? How aligned are you with your Source, with the balance in Life that feeds your soul with lightheartedness, goodness and joy?

Walking the tightrope of life each day is like the Moon shot. It requires ongoing attention, awareness, appreciation and alignment because Life is continually changing both internally and externally. Stepping into the river of Life is like merging onto the expressway from a side road. When we’re all traveling eighty miles an hour where do we find the balance that brings harmony and stability? When you’re glum and upset how do you find the goodness and joy in life? How do you touch yourself with kindness, shift your perspectives and step into delight?

How are you resisting and denying? What are you allowing and affirming? Are you putting more energy in the resistance and denying or in the aligning and appreciating? How much attention are you giving your thoughts and feelings? How aware are you that thoughts and feelings create things both inside and outside of you? The energy and attention you give is what you get more of. So, if you want greater balance on the positive side of life you’ll want to put more appreciative attention there. What you resist doth persist. What you believe you perceive.

What are you enthusiastic about? What inspires you? What could tip your scale toward greater joy and abundance? Where’s your creativity leading you? If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal life, how would it look? How would you have to change? What would the new balance be? Where’s the contrast that shows you what you don’t want so you can know what you do want? Are you asking for what you truly want? If so, do you know that it’s already been given energetically and all you have to do to receive it is believe it, feel it and live into it?

All these questions lead to the conclusion that we create our own realities. Through the choices you make everyday you create your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. When you get angry with someone or something it’s an energy creation that you attract more of to yourself. Every war within creates more war. Every joy you celebrate creates more joy. Every happiness you give attracts more happiness. Every peaceful thought creates more peacefulness.

Balance in life starts with getting the joke we’re playing on ourselves and one another. Like my friend and her partner, when we get the joke, it’s on us and we laugh. In that laughter a new balance tilts the scale from either/or to both/and. Reconciliation between denying and affirming creates a new arising which leads to a new balance. Through this new balance more goodness, laughter and harmony is created. Knowing that thoughts and feelings create things, you choose the best ones and feel your way into living happily ever after. With resonance, alignment and appreciation you develop a new sense of humor and add balance to every step.

  • Make a commitment to yourself to sit in a silent breathing meditation when you get up each morning for the next seventeen weeks. Become aware of how you feel emotionally and give attention to your most cherished desires. Feel the goodness. Allow an image to form and bring it to mind meditatively during the day and before you go to sleep. Know that it’s now here and on it’s way for you. As you believe it, you’ll receive it and perceive it. Be patient, relax and realign throughout the day. Allow the momentum of the energy to build and appreciate it.
  • When faced with any dissonant thoughts today: Stop, Look and Listen to your Inner Being. Simply ask the still small voice within – “What does this moment ask of me?” The answer will usually be very simple and straight forward. Breathe into it and allow it to sink into your Heart-mind. Find the resonance, follow it, smile and give thanks . . .
  • While sitting or walking without a task, use this mantra to help you find your balance and center: “Breathe in delight. Breathe out the fight. Breathe in delight. Breathe out the fight.”  Find a rhythm in the breathing, the chant and the body’s movement. Allow your whole being to smile awhile. Eventually you’ll get the joke……Enjoy . . .

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