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Awakening Currents of Creativity

Apr 4, 2018 | Awakening | 0 comments

Birth, life, death and new life are the perennial rhythms in the impermanence and permanence of our lives in the cosmos. We travel ancient, modern, and progressive trajectories to discover the varying currents of both physical and non physical realities. We continue to awaken to the many energies that create abundant life on earth that’s been in the making for Aeons and we’re just becoming aware of our nondual, interconnected, transrational and multisensory capacities that link us to everything.

If this sounds like gibberish it might be because we’re still living in our either/or rational linear mindset rather that in our participatory interconnected both/and nondual mindset. Creativity comes not from our personality but from our soul which is the part of us that’s infinite and was before this incarnation and will be after it’s over. The personality is formed by our environments, cultures, dispositions, five senses; the ways we’ve been taught to interact with the world. Our soul comes from beyond time, form and mortality.

Unlike our personality, our soul in not competitive and controlling. It’s compassionate,  collaborative, creative and courageous. The soul animates what the personality calls weirdos, poets, misfits, writers, painters, troubadours, mystics, musicians and artists. Abraham Maslow said: “We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves, but we fear even more the godlike in ourselves.” The godlike in us is our soul, the non-controlling creative aspects that transcend societal norms of behavior.

Maya Angelou adds: “If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” When the soul directs creativity, there are no rules, no shoulds, musts and have tos. Life becomes a journey into the mystery of our being, belonging and becoming. It invites opportunities to share the infinite with the finite, the unknown with the known, the invisible with the visible. It’s a spiritual journey in a material world. It’s a learning process where teacher and student are one; always engaging as one. 

I sense we’ve been struggling with this paradox all our lives. Lynne McTaggart in her fascinating book: The Field  reports that EEG studies of the brains of children under five show that “they permanently function in alpha mode, a state of altered consciousness in an adult – rather than beta mode of ordinary mature consciousness.” In effect, children under five are in a continual relationship with soul or what rational five sensory adults would call hallucination. Here there is relaxed receptivity rather than intense striving.

This indicates that currents of creativity are part of Life and have been flowing through us from the very beginning. It also indicates that our natural state is relaxed, passive and receptive rather than tense, striving and resistive: participatory, relational and interconnected rather than isolated, competitive and disjointed. We are products of an infinite and ongoing creativity and a finite and ongoing destructiveness. Through the awareness of our innate creativity we can reconnect the seemingly disconnected.

Awakening the currents of creativity in ourselves and one another is a revolutionary act. It breaks established patterns allowing us to see differently. Creating something new through our play instinct honors our souls and the infinite interconnectedness of all that is. Opening our hearts and following our dreams aligns us with the power of nature and prompts us to patiently persist in the presence of prosperity. Ultimately, when we  get comfortable with the unknown and unfamiliar; the gate-less gate opens to the infinite where the currents of creativity flow on and on and on and on. . . .

  • Sit quietly and meditate on your creativity and how it might be connected with soul as you understand it. What might it look like for you to share your soul, your infinite Self? 
  • What established, conditioned patterns could you melt that would allow you to see with different, more expanded senses? How willing are you to engage these habits?
  • If play is the work of childhood, how might you reclaim some of the altered state that you experienced in childhood? How might you make creativity your play/work?
  • Notice the areas of the unknown and unfamiliar that you’re uncomfortable with. Pick one and play with it, massage it, engage it, become more familiar with it. When you get comfortable with it go to the next one and on and on. Notice when the gate-less gate opens and why it closes. Let this be a lifetime work in transforming your angst into liberation.Notice the changes in the currents of creativity as they flow through you. How are you hindering/enhancing the flow? What wants to come? What needs to go?


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