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Autumn Alchemy

Oct 9, 2019 | Creative Self, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sitting on the bank of the creek, I was mesmerized by the water making its way to a convergence that was unknown. The sun slowly dropped in the sky reflecting it’s rays through the leaves of the trees along the winding waterway. I heard the sound of children’s laughter or was it the song of the water pouring over the rocks? The sunlight danced through the fluttering leaves in an ongoing process of change while I sat transfixed  by the art that was being created with every breath. Transformation!

Reflecting on the seasons of soul continually invites us into realities that are always  here yet rarely noticed. In the center of the City the other day I observed the outer activities that preoccupy us as we navigate the many ways to get more. With intention I  shifted my gaze to an elder tree that had seen it all. Its leaves fluttering in the breeze with ease spoke to me of something deep within that’s beyond and yet within us all; an alchemical process that through the art of Being changes everything.Transformation!

Trees standing as sentinels wherever they are convey the mystery of the alchemical process of transformation which is the essence of Art and Life. Think back to when you were a five year old child wondering about the mystery of Autumn. Do you remember the changes in the season? Can you access the sights of the changing colors, the smell of burning leaves, the sound of laughter as you played outdoors? Can you look out the window now and feel the ongoing creativity of Nature? Transformation!

Alchemy is the awareness of a process of change that takes place within the whole of creation, including us. It leads to new ways of understanding, to who we truly are in the vast expanse of inner and outer space. It takes something deemed ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary which, in many situations is simply a shift in consciousness. The common stuff of life becomes so much more; we see again with the eyes of a child. The world radiates reverence and we’re apart of it. Transformation! 

As adults we must again learn to bow in reverence to the wonder and wisdom in the seasons of soul. We must acknowledge and honor the Essence that lives in the whole of creation including ourselves. We must learn to be artists of all kinds who bend our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to the Creative Source that opens portals to the infinite possibilities of Life. From this place/space we discover new creations, knowing from our depths that creativity is the highest transmission of Love. Transformation!  

Albert Schweitzer wisely counsels: “If a person loses their reverence for any part of life, they will lose their reverence for all of life.” It seems however, in our cultures of today, we the people are swayed more by fear and craving than by love and reverence even though the outcomes are filled with grief and regret. The living reality is that there is beauty all around, within and flowing through us. The awakening occurs when we come to know how much we are apart of that beauty, love and reverence. Transformation! 

  • As you walk through your days this week, become aware of the changes that are taking place within you and your environment. Slow down as you hurry from one thought to another, one place to another, one task to another. Relax into your daily tasks. Awaken to the beauty, wonder and creativity within your thoughts and actions.
  • Give attention to the latent creativity that lives within you. Give attention to the gifts of beauty, wonder, love and reverence. Notice each wherever you are. See through the surface into the heart of the matter to discover the Essence that’s always here, now.
  • Contemplate the alchemy, the process of transformation in everything you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and intuitively sense. Notice how things change when you quietly ‘sit’ with them without expectations, agendas and attachments. . . .
  • Infinite patience produces joyful serenity and illuminating peace. Practice this infinite patience with yourself and all events today. See if you can catch a glimpse of the transformation that’s possible here, there and everywhere. . . .



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