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August Inspiration

Aug 14, 2019 | Inspiration | 0 comments

As I sit pondering this last month of summer, I find myself imagining the inspiration of  engaging in the creation of something wonderful that could radically change me, my family, my surroundings and my world. Within this power of imagination everything seems relative yet within my grasp. I notice the leaves on the trees in these dog days of August and realize that in a month or so they will turn from green to red, gold, orange and eventually be on the ground to greet the coming cold and winter snows. 

These thoughts in themselves fire my imagination to the infinite possibilities there are in any given day on this glorious and mysterious planet we call our earth home. Imagine what it takes to create the four seasons and the trillions of interactions to keep the balance and harmony of the ecological systems in play. Ponder how we humans  ignore the interconnected nature of all our relations with the visible and invisible systems that work in harmony to create this miracle of Life in all its diversity.

August is inspiring me to imagine the infinite wisdom and creativity that’s caused this fragile earth, our island home to be created. It’s also inspiring me to recognize that we are not just residents but stewards of this bountiful and beautiful habitat. To recognize that we are part of the wholeness rather than apart from it demands an awareness that we had before we got lost and forgot the interconnectivity of everything that’s here. To be stewards means to be conscious, to care and to co-create with the spirit of Life. . . .

What small adjustments could I make, I wonder, to become a better steward of this blue marble traveling through space? What small actions could I engage to enhance the inner awareness of humanity at this time in my life? What ‘leaves’ do I need to shed as summer ends and autumn begins and, what if the most significant difference I could  make was simply to become a more wise and understanding person? Would that be enough? Would that make a difference and if so, why would I not make this change?

As we walk through this interactive human life, it seems we’re always wanting someone else to change rather than looking at what we need to change individually within ourselves. When I get angry with something ‘out there’ and not give attention to what’s going on ‘in here,’ I miss the opportunity to transform the world through me: I miss the gift of inspiration that shows me my own lessons that still need to be learned. I rationalize and forget to remember that nothing changes until it changes within me. 

As John Muir’s above quote says: The power of imagination makes us infinite. So, what are you imagining in this season of soul? What images are being shaped in your heart, mind, hands, feet and voice? What images are you feeling and sensing that bring Life to Life for you? What inspirational thoughts can you imagine that will make a difference in your life and in the lives around you that are positive and generative? What gifts have you hidden that want to emerge through you at this time, no matter what?

We live in a time of great growth and change and the infinite power of imagination can create both positive and negative opportunities to create a world that resonates with more harmony or more discord. The choice is up to each of us individually and collectively. Now, in this month of August, imagine beyond imagination something you can initiate that will change your world. Imagine a new attitude that inspires and fires the imagination of others. Imagine being a tree letting go of what’s unnecessary in the coming season to let come what’s necessary beyond it. Be the gift. Be inspired! 

  • This week, spend some significant time in nature and listen to what the trees, birds, earth, rocks, clouds, breeze and streams of water have to say to you. Recognize the infinite in the imagination and what gifts are being offered to you. . . .
  • When you find yourself complaining or feeling down this week, open yourself to the power of imagination. Imagine the wonder, the wealth, the wisdom that’s here inside you and inside everything you see. Don’t rationalize, simply see through the illusion of confusion and be inspired by the infinite possibilities that are always here. . . .
  • Recognize this week that Summer is rapidly coming to an end and Autumn is right behind. Ponder these days and ask what these moments of Summer are asking of you. Discover the power of imagination that can awaken infinity in you. Remember Alice in Wonderland and how you might be her. Hmm. . . . Are the flowers still singing?



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