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Where do you put your attention? What do you want? How do you get there from here? Are you consciously aware of what your objective is for the day, week, month, year, the next decade, the balance of your life? What are one or two things you can do to help get you there? What’s the target your aiming at? Take a step back. Can you see the goal, the target, the flag in the hole on the green? Are you aiming at it with clarity of intention?

It’s only been within the past couple decades that we’ve begun to understand that the things we focus on are what we get. We’ve been giving attention to problems for so long that we never really understood why we kept getting problems. It’s only when we focus our attention on solutions, what we really want, that we start getting those solutions. How much time and energy are you gaining by giving attention to what you truly want?

Notice your negative comments and attitudes. When you say you can’t afford it, you’ve created a self fulfilling prophecy and until you change your perspective, attention, you’ll never be able to afford it, whatever the it is. Do you have the sense that it might be important to take a look at where you’re putting your attention? Is it a coincidence that one of the first real questions in life is ‘What do you want?’ The answer is telling.

I used to meet personally with a sagely mentor once a month for an hour and a half. In our last one to one session he leaned forward with intense attention, said my name and asked “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. I’d been meeting with him for over a year, was in my fifties, and had no clue how to answer his in depth probe into the very core of my being. All I could say after a very pregnant pause was “John,I don’t know.” After an eternity of silence I asked, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

He leaned back in his chair, hand stroking chin, looking within, pondering this very real question asked of him, knowing it might help me see. Finally, after minutes of precious silence he slowly revealed the depth of his soul and life quest. “What I want is to be more conscious in my last breath than at any other time in my life.” I was awed . . .

In reflection I realized this was a lifetime statement of bringing attention to Attention. He was the most conscious person I’d ever met and at eighty eight year of age he was still giving attention to his lifetime goal of Waking Up. He knew what he wanted and he was constantly receiving it. In the first half of life he’d wanted a wealth of outer things and had achieved them. In the second half he chose the wealth of the inner realities.

The things we focus on, bring attention to, are what we get. The mind sees, answers questions, and creates. Perceive the positive in Life and receive it. Attend to the Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Well-being in everything and enter into the joy of Attention.

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