As a boy I grew up with the dream of becoming a cowboy, a mountain man, and an adventurer. By the time I reached thirty years of age I’d become each one of these. During these years in my twenties, the dream of becoming a transformer, cultural creative, and change agent for a new way of Being also took hold. I spent the next thirty years living that dream. The adventure moved from the outer world to the inner one.

Today I’m on the threshold of an expanded dream. Some say I’m too old to accomplish it. Others say I’m just getting started. I can agree with both these opinions and no matter what happens, I can’t give up living the dream of being a spiritual adventurer in the material world that helps others live their dreams with wealth, opportunity, wisdom, and well-being. Age is not a factor. Perspective is. What’s your unfulfilled dream?

Thoreau said, ‘If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a human.’ I believe that each of us, like a flower, has a creative nature that needs to be cultivated, nurtured, and affirmed. I also recognize how our dreams get sidetracked. Is life really what happens while we’re busy making other plans? Is your dream an action item?

Whether you’re six, sixty, or ninety you can live into your creative nature, for wherever creativity is, it is in some way a solution to a problem. As long as we’re here in the material world, we’re part of the problem and part of the solution. Tipping the scales toward being part of the solution is an act of creativity. Do you see how living into your dream might spark a fire that could burn for goodness into seven generations? I can.

You are a unique creation. There’s never been and never again will be another you. You have a one of a kind thumb print. You are here for a special purpose and there are people still waiting for your one of a kind resonate energy to help them take the next step on their journey. Imagine this. You, in your singularity have a responsibility to live into your greatness for them and for you. Take this in. This is quantum entanglement.

Nelson Mandela remarked that we do no one a favor by ‘hiding our light’ and pretending to be ‘smaller than we are.’ As we surrender to becoming as large as we are made to be, great events can eventuate for us and others. No matter what your age or your circumstance, awaken and illuminate your unfinished dream.

Realign with it and feel the energy it transmits. Appreciate your dream, give thanks and help it grow. Step by step manifest it and observe the new wealth, opportunities, wisdom, and well- being that begin to appear. Remember to remember who you really are and creatively connect to the Great Creating. Come on, let’s get moving. Ready or not, here we come . . . Magnificent, you’re smiling again . . . Hmm . . .

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