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Are You Having Fun Yet?

Aug 28, 2017 | Aliveness | 2 comments

I’m beginning to see fun and inspiration as choices we have control over rather than as circumstances  that have control over us. So much of the time we think the options we have are either good or bad based on outside circumstances. All the choices we make are for reasons that are both conscious and unconscious; for and against our wellbeing. To be aware of what and why we’re choosing what we’re choosing is key. 

Awhile back I helped a friend drive his classic sports car from his country home to the city sixty miles away to leave it for overnight servicing. I drove the car while he followed in his truck. It took all morning to complete the trip, stop for supplies and return. It could have been an imposition and obligatory work for me but it wasn’t. Driving the car, making the stops, helping my friend and sharing time with him was fun. It was a joyful morning.

I’m wondering how we evaluate fun, work and enjoyment. So much of what used to be fun for me is no longer. Rather than being the life of the party, I’d now rather be on the edge watching or enjoying a one on one conversation. I’m wondering if the opposite of fun and play is really work. I’m beginning to think that the opposite is not work because work can be fun and enjoyable. Maybe the opposite is apathy and anxiety.

When I”m enjoying myself and am focused in work and play I’m invigorated, challenged and engaged. When I’m not participating this way I find myself apathetic and dour. How about you? Does this register with you? Do you find yourself down and dragging because you’re not open to the joy that’s present in work? Can work also be play? Can play also be listening, learning, loving, laughing and enlightening up?

The most fun loving people I know are embracing Life. They’re learning, loving,  growing, changing, rearranging, receiving, giving and caring for themselves and others. They do what they love and love what they do. They aren’t interested in what others think about them.They make creative choices they can support, enjoy and that can be helpful to others. They do what they do from their Inner Being. It’s a Soulful thing . . .

Are you authoring and cocreating your own life? Are you choosing to be for that which you support rather than against what you don’t ? Are you having fun with your choices or being depressed about what you’re ‘having’ to endure? The change you’re looking for is a choice-full-ness that brings Life to Life for You and Others. With this small powerful change everyone is better served. It’s always an inside job.

The whole point here is very simple. It’s you that decides to live creatively, have fun and enjoy life with childlike intention and not. It’s your attitudes, inner dispositions and choices that create your life. You are in charge of your story no matter what anyone says or does to you; even in the midst of difficulty, hell and high water. There’s no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. The gift is Presence in the midst of contraction and expansion. The gift comes when you open your heart, your mind and your hands to choose joyful serenity one breath, one heartbeat, one smile at a time.

The following exercise is a simple experiment and practice that might help you change your disposition, smile awhile, have some fun, enjoy and maybe even laugh a lot . . .

  • Clap your hands 2 times while saying Ho ho. Then clap your hands 3 times while saying Ha ha ha. Do this for at least a minute and see how your attitude changes. This is an enlivening exercise to change your disposition if you choose to enter in.
  • Stand Up! Move! Dance to the slow then fast rhythm of the Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho- Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha.
  • Let go of your grief, anxiety, sorrow, apathy and despair. Feel the energy of wonder, love, beauty, revelation and impermanence everywhere and reverently enjoy these moments. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho Ho – Ha ha ha.
  • Come on…….You can do this…….Nobody’s watching…….Get with it……..Feel the Joy…. Experience the Freedom, Liberation, Vitality, Divine Disclosure from within…..
  • Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Ho ho – Ha ha ha. Are you having fun yet?


  1. Audrey Conard

    Good information Farther Rick. I learned several years ago this lesson. If I wasn’t having fun, it was up to me to change the situation, and to not waste my life any more. Your posts have been special to me, especially living in Utah.


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